The First Night

Like any first-time parents, we were two eager beavers on the first night Ewan came home from the hospital. With much determination, we told the confinement aunty that “we will take care of him at night”. She didn’t say a word of protest and went to bed at 10.30pm with the biggest grin on her face.

Then, our nightmare began. Assuming that he will obediently sleep after being fed and changed, Ewan continued to stir throughout the night. It went like this:

Hubby: I think he needs to be changed.
Me: But we just changed him. Let’s just feed him first. I think he’s hungry.
Hubby: Trust me, he doesn’t feel comfortable in dirty diaper.

~ I gave in. Throughout and after changing, Ewan continued crying/screaming ~

Me: Maybe he’s still hungry. Go warm up the milk.

~ Minutes later, Hubby came up with warmed milk but the wrong teat ring for the bottle. Ran down again to change. Ewan screamed. Mid-way drinking his milk, we heard a loud fart from Ewan ~

Hubby: I think he needs to be changed again.
Me: Again?!
Hubby: Uh-oh, there’s some poop on his swaddle too.
Me: Go get a new swaddle. Oh no, that’s the only swaddle we have now. The rest are in the washing machine. OK, let’s make do with a blanket.
Hubby: How?
Me: Uhmm…like that? No, doesn’t work that way.
Hubby: Let me try. Like that? Cannot la.
Me: Uhmm…how about this way? Whatever la.

~ At 2.30am, Hubby ran downstairs to get one of our baby books. ~

Hubby: I thought I saw a diagram on how to swaddle a baby before. Where is it?!
Me: Got or not? Haiya…nevermind la. Like that can or not? You know what? Let’s just use the dirty swaddle.
Hubby: The diagram is somewhere here….

~ Hubby tried his swaddling skills using Ewan’s teddy bear as a dummy baby. I would have snapped a photo if it wasn’t because I was too exhausted then. Fifteen minutes later, we gave up. ~

We didn’t sleep a wink that night. Ewan woke up every 2 hours, stirring every now and then. We ended up shifting him from his cot to our bed, sleeping in between us. By morning, we were all knocked out and didn’t wake up until 10.30am.

How’s that for the first night? We learned our lesson and happily accepted our confinement aunty’s offer to care for him at night, at least until we’ve learned Ewan sleeping and feeding patterns.

Yesterday marked our third attempt to care for Ewan at night. Gladly, everything was much in control. We know we’ll be fine on our own when confinement aunty said, “You both are ready to graduate!”.


4 thoughts on “The First Night

  1. Nancy

    Joey, this is hillarious and it reminded me of the first few nights when I brought James home as well. I ended up asking my nanny to sleep with me, hubby n James. You are lucky that you nail Ewan’s sleeping pattern already, right?. James ended up sleeping with his nanny until now.

  2. This reminds me of my 1st night. Poor Natey was crying nonstop from midnight to 4am!

    But looking back now, it’s safe to laugh LOL. The joy of 1st time parenthood 😉

  3. May Yee

    uh oh…. my turn will be coming soon 😛
    Plus, I dont have a confinement lady… will be moving in with mother in law (she have a kakak to take care of household chores) and hubby will be my sidekick… wish me luck 😛

    1. joeyllhow

      May Yee, is your MIL going to help you with babycare at night? The first 2 weeks is going to be really tough and tiring if you are also taking care of Sophie at night as you will still be recuperating from childbirth and acquiring breastfeeding skills/knowledge. A friend of mine tried to make do without a confinement lady but gave up after 2 days. Perhaps get your mom to come over and help as well? Just my two cents’ worth!

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