Full Moon: Ewan is 1 Month Old!

Time zooms! Our little precious turns 1 month old today.

So irresistible a mosquito kissed his forehead! Ewan at 1 month old

Some milestones Ewan has achieved so far:

Week 1
~ Asking for milk
To Ewan, there’s no such thing as “Mommy, milk please”. Since day 1, he cried and screamed to get his milk. It’s more like “Milk, milk, milk! I want my milk NOW!”. It makes me wonder how he learned the art of screaming in my womb. I was pretty “gentle and graceful” throughout my pregnancy!

Week 2
~ Murmuring and cooing
Ewan began to murmur and make cute little sounds at Week 2, especially when he’s full and comfortable. He does a lot of “chatting” with us when we change his nappy or bathe him too.

~ Reaching for objects
Sounds exaggerated but true, Ewan started to push away things that are in his way with his tiny little hands at Week 2. We first witnessed this at Dr Foo’s clinic when she shone a light into his eyes and he pushed her hand away immediately. Even Dr Foo was shocked. We’d like to think that Little Ewan is gifted! (which parents don’t?)

He often shoves my hand away too when I attempt to draw his head nearer to my breast during feeds.

Week 3
~ Body language
When he wants a suckle on my breast, he looks at me intently and shows me his tongue. When he doesn’t want to be burped yet and wants to continue drinking, he pushes his body back with his legs.

Week 4
~ Self-soothes
I don’t usually run to him immediately each time he cries. It’s really entertaining to watch him sleep; he makes lots of sounds, movements, stretches and cries. These days, when he lets out a sudden, loud cry, we usually ignore because he eventually self-soothes himself and goes back to sleep after that.

Here’s a toast to my 1 month old prince!


One thought on “Full Moon: Ewan is 1 Month Old!

  1. Yeay! Happy 1mth old to Ewan!
    When Ben was at Ewan’s age, he will also flick out his tongue and sometimes rub the corner of his mouth with his hands when he wants to feed.. now? he just pull or peek my shirt and goes ‘nen-nen-nen’ ;p

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