My First “Balik Melaka”

Hello! We are now on our way back to Mommy & Daddy’s hometown in Melaka. It is also my first outstation journey as well as my first visit to my Great Grandparents’ and Grandpa’s. We will be putting up at Ah Ma’s and Ah Kong’s for the next 1 -2 weeks.

What other first’s? Oh, this is also my first time sitting in my carseat. Mind you, it’s suede you know! So comfortable I dozed off shortly after being put in it:

Mommy and Daddy packed so many things as if we are moving house. Come on, a diaper or two is all we need! Daddy got so “kelam-kabut” he wore his shirt inside out:

How cute, right?


2 thoughts on “My First “Balik Melaka”

  1. May Yee

    Haha… I think this is happening to most guys! My hubby has been wearing his shirt inside out too! Good to know that the little prince is off for a road trip! 🙂

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