Breastfeeding & I

It is with my great pleasure to announce that I have been breastfeeding for 5 freaking weeks! Yes, it’s no big deal considering that many moms have done it for very much longer but for the journey I’ve crossed in reaching this milestone, I am giving myself a little pat on my shoulder. *blush*

As Ewan was warded in NICU immediately after he was born due to pneumothorax, I could neither carry nor breastfeed him directly. Thanks to the nurses at the hospital, I was taught to express my colostrums manually. For three long days, Hubby and I sat down to collect my colostrum bit by bit with a syringe. It was a painful process; an hour of collecting would only harvest a mere ¼ syringe full. We had no choice but to supplement Ewan with formula throughout this period. At the same time, I kept my breasts busy by pumping every 2 hours.

When Ewan returned home, another challenge set in. Being amateurs in breastfeeding, we were both clueless. He had difficulty latching on while I couldn’t find a comfortable position to settle down with. Feeding time was a battle – Ewan would be screaming for milk while I would be shifting him left and right for the correct position. The lack of rest and wrong latch-on finally took a toll on me; my nipples bled, my body ached and I didn’t have any stamina to go on. It was worsened by painful stitches and hemmorhoids down south. Seeing me suffer, my loved ones advised me against breastfeeding, saying that formula is equally nutritious. Even my usually quiet Dad said I should just resort to formula feeding. I’m glad to have put on a deaf ear and persevered.

Although I’ve well-prepared myself with the what’s and how’s of breastfeeding prior to Ewan’s arrival, the reality was very different and daunting. I was stressed out with the puzzles of setting up a breastfeeding system and the workings of it. With tips and advice from breastfeeding moms, Ewan is still on breastmilk now.

Thinking back now, it’s actually not that hard. We’ll just have to go with the flow and our body will know how to adjust accordingly. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that we can be lazy, take things for granted and skip a pumping session whenever we like. Breastfeeding is hard work and requires lots of commitment, patience and perseverance. My goal is to breastfeed for 6 months and if I can go longer, that’ll be a bonus.

What I Love Most About Breastfeeding
~ I can eat as much as I want without worrying about gaining weight
~ My hubby only needs to feed 1 mouth to get 2 satisfied tummies
~ I got back to my pre-pregnancy shape rather quickly
~ I adore the special, indescribable bond that I share with Ewan
~ For the first time ever, I can call myself voluptuous!
~ My boobs have a huge, loyal fan! (Ewan, not my hubby)

What Really Made Me Persevere
~ The happy and excited Ewan as he anticipates a feed
~ The contented and calm Ewan after a feed


3 thoughts on “Breastfeeding & I

    1. joeyllhow

      Drum rolls for May Yee, please! Maybe she’ll come in 2 – 3 weeks’ time instead, just like mine and Jaclyn’s. How do we know when you’ve popped? Do keep us posted ya.

  1. May Yee

    will let you guys know… am in my week 36 now… but work is stressing me out…. working pst midnight almost everyday… can’t wait for my maternity leave! 😀 you guys will know when I pop… 😀

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