Confinement = CONFINEment

If the confinement police does exist, I’ll be put behind bars way before my confinement period is up. I’m no rule breaker in nature but if what is asked of me doesn’t seem rational, I will go all out to question the matter and straighten the “justice”.

How I Fare In Confinement
No Bathing: I bathed every single day of my confinement period BUT with mom’s and confinement aunty’s approval. Every afternoon, I bathed with steaming hot, herbal water that made me smell like a pot of walking “bakuteh” after that.

No Washing Hair: I was allowed to wash hair every 3 days, which was still achievable compared to some of my friends who had to keep their hair away from water for 21 days. I quietly washed my hair – before the “due date” – twice when I couldn’t bear the itchiness and oiliness anymore. I felt embarrassed sleeping beside Hubby with such dirty hair.

No Touching Cold Tap Water: Totally guilty! I drenched my hands in tap water since day 1 after giving birth. In this matter, I chose hygiene over confinement beliefs. Besides, NICU does not allow us to touch babies without properly sanitising our hands.

No Drinking Plain Water: Occasionally and very rarely, I took a sip of warm water and that was only because I needed to take medicines. Other than that, I was pretty obedient and drank red dates tea throughout.

No Fans: In this crazy heat wave? The monster in me will definitely appear if I continue heating up.

No Going Out: With Ewan being hospitalised and all, I couldn’t follow this rule. We had to visit him and bring him for check-ups after that.

No Shorts or Skimpy Clothes: I’m proud to say that I’ve adhered to this rule the best. I wore my socks all the time too. Only on very very hot days, I treated myself to an afternoon of shorts.

No Crying or Watching TV/Using Computer: I have cried a few buckets so it’s a “Fail” again. I was too tired to watch TV but no using computer? That’s just mad!

How well did you adhere to the confinements rules?


3 thoughts on “Confinement = CONFINEment

    1. joeyllhow

      We go through a 30-day confinement period after giving birth where we rest and restore our body to good health again. Asians believe that the body becomes weak and “cold” and is prone to future illnesses if we do not take good care of ourselves after giving birth. Throughout the confinement time, there are a set of rules to follow; we can only consume certain kind of dishes cooked with mainly ginger, spice and alcohol. It’s so different over in Australia, isn’t it? And yes, they’re really hard and sometimes too ridiculous to follow.

  1. David

    Some of these so called rules appear more like urban legends than anything that makes sense.

    Not washing hair or drinking plain water?

    Unless a doctor puts a person on a restricted amount of liquids water is essential for good health.

    Unless you have a fresh suture site on your head, was your hair whenever you want.

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