More Than Just Mom

It’s more than just changing nappy, bathing or coaxing a baby to sleep. As a mom, I have also acquired new skills that will definitely spice up my resume and impress potential employers:

Ever since Ewan came, I have also extended the purpose of my legs and toes. When Ewan falls asleep in my arm and nobody is around to lend a hand, I will fish for things eg. blanket, handphone, pillow with my toes. For bigger items, I will stretch my leg and kick that bottle of lotion with my foot until it is within my hand’s reach. I’m contemplating whether to take up gymnastics full-time so I can represent Malaysia in the next Olympics.

Coaxing a fussy baby to sleep is an acquired skill; making him stay asleep while doing your chores is a success worth celebrating! I’ve learned more than how to steal time but also the tricks to be in the same room with a sleeping baby without waking up the little master. Tip-toeing, camouflaging noise/sound, lifting up things with the gentlest motion, that is.

Public Relations Practitioner
I’m one myself but mommyhood has helped to push this skill a notch higher. It’s the art of persuasion! Besides being trained to perform tasks as efficient and quickly as possible, I can also persuade simultaneously. My latest achievement include bathing and at the same time, persuade Ewan to wait a little while by rhyming, singing and making small talk from the bathroom.

Of late, I’ve learned to optimise the role of my left hand. I eat or type while breastfeeding. With practice, maybe I’ll be able to sign my name backwards with my left hand while carrying him in another arm too.

Moms are capable of doing anything for their babies when pushed a little further. For that, I salute all moms around the world.

Happy Belated Mother’s Day!


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