Ewan is 2 Months Old!

At 2 months old, Ewan:

~ weighs around 5.1kg.
~ continues to coo and mumble. Sometimes he tries to create a “conversation” with us.
~ found his fingers and the joy of sucking them, although they are covered with mittens most of the time.

~ loves to bathe!

First bath

~ adores his musical mobile, especially the the bright green Froggie toy. His eyes often follow the Froggie as the mobile turns and once in a while, he coos and giggles at it.

~ sleeps best (without much fussing or coaxing) after his bath in the morning.
~ went for his first family outing to Tropicana City Mall with us yesterday. He was awake throughout and kept himself busy looking at people and things.
~ loves to bully his sleepy parents by waking up and asking for a cuddle in the middle of the night.

~ knows how to fake his cries for attention and cuddles

Crocodile tears


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