I’m 29!

Exactly a week ago, I turned 29.

It’s probably the hecticness of motherhood or maybe my priorities have changed, I no longer anticipate or care whether my birthday is celebrated or not. I’ll be happy and contented as long as my hubby and family members remember and wish me.

So when my hubby threw me a surprise birthday gathering a few days before 28th of May, I was really delighted although I suspected something amiss when he texted me a day before, stating “You are booked for lunch tomorrow”.

As I was still on maternity leave then, he contacted my colleague and gathered them at Papa John, Sunway Pyramid.

Michelle, the culprit behind the surprise
With the Marketing team of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

On the actual day, we dined at Lafite with our screaming baby and got chased out of the restaurant. It was followed by a shopping spree at KLCC where hubby bought me a Tiffany ring! we stayed home the whole day and had TGIF came to our house instead. Simple but sweet 🙂

How time flies! At 22, I ventured into the working world and four years later, became someone’s wife. Today, at 29, I’m a mother. I still remember my teenage years when I used to fantasize about my wedding and life ahead; I wanted to get married at 28 and have a baby by 29. Well, it looks like I didn’t steer too far from my plan after all.

Here’s to a great 29!


4 thoughts on “I’m 29!

  1. Happy Birthday again Mommy E! 🙂

    During my teen years, I also fantasized about my wedding and married life. I wanted to get married young and have a baby before 30.

    Good thing N came a month before that, else I would have missed my own deadline LOL

  2. May Yee

    Happy belated birthday! 🙂 you look good in your pics!!! Good for you and Jaclyn! Would love to start earlier but never too late I’ll be 35 this November!

    1. joeyllhow

      Ahh, we finally know how old you are, May Yee! But seriously, you don’t look your age. How’s confinement and mommyhood treating you so far? Hope Baby Sophie is doing well…

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