Sleeping Through The Night

Ewan reached another of his milestones last Saturday. We woke up on Saturday morning feeling more rested than we have ever felt since months ago. To our happy surprise, our little boy slept through the night without waking up for feeds. Although it was only one-off, it’s his very first and we’re still very proud of him.

Ewan is one punctual clock: he stirs for milk every 3 hours – not more, not less. I’m rather glad to have chosen to breastfeed as midnight feeds are much easier when we can lie sideway, feed and rest at the same time. There’s no warming up of the milk and sitting up to feed him with a bottle.

I’ve been hoping that he will sleep through ever since he turned one month old. Some recommended that I should limit his napping hours in the daytime. We have tried this method but he got grumpier than ever by night. Another suggested to give him formula for the last feed before sleeping time as it’s more “filling” or in others words, less digestible. This didn’t work either; he woke up 3 hours later as well. The most recent advice I got was to give him water or pacifier during midnight feeds as a way to tell him that night time is for sleeping, not drinking. As it’s a little harsh for such a young baby, I didn’t take on this approach.

Instead, we’ve been practising a regular sleep routine with Ewan, hoping that this will help him to differentiate between day and night. It is always in this sequence: a short play session, wipe down, lights off and comfort feed. By 8.30pm, he’s usually asleep on our bed.

After a while, we decided to stop thinking of ways to make him sleep through and just let him be. He will eventually sleep through when he’s really ready. After all, my body has gotten adjusted to lack of sleep and by feeding him at night, I do not have to wake up and pump.

Who says motherhood is easy?


One thought on “Sleeping Through The Night

  1. May Yee

    Hi hi… i did recommend that you read Gina Ford… i only refer to it once in a while…. The other book that I refer to (the Bible) is What to Expect the First Year. Maybe it is more suitable for us.

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