Falling In Love…Again

I’m in love – truly, madly, deeply with this little man:

Having a baby is like falling in love, all over again.

Waking up next to him every morning is one of the most blissful things in the world. I think about him every single moment at work. He’s the single source of energy to keep me going, plainly because I know that after 5.30pm, we’ll be able to see each other again. We exchange great vibes just by looking at one another. Talking to him and hearing him say unfathomable ‘ooh’s and ‘ahh’s melt all my tiredness away. Seeing him cuddle up to me makes all those sleepless nights worth every second.

I’m undoubtedly exhausted from working full-time and taking care of Ewan at night but really, until you’ve tried it, you’ll never know the wonders of motherhood. Tiring as it is, the moments above beat all impossibilities. So if you’re considering to leave your baby at the babysitter’s 100% day and night, think again because motherhood does change us and provides courage and strength we never knew existed. If a spoilt brat cum sleepyhead like me can do it, it’ll be easy-pease for anyone.

I love my Ewan so much!


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