Addicted to Cloth Diaper

The truth is out…I’m a self-confessed cloth diaper (CD) junkie. Ever since Ewan turned 2 months, we’ve been hunting, experimenting and trying our brands after brands of CDs.

My darling boy in one of his CDs

The search for the perfect CD is still ongoing; those that I own now are either:

#1 not sufficiently absorbent
#2 fitting is less than ideal
#3 even when it meets both fundamental requirements of absorbency and fitting, its exterior can do good with some trendy improvements

When it comes to affordability, the really good ones can fetch over RM100+ each. And we haven’t even started talking about the All-In-Two (AI2) or organic version yet.

That’s why I was ecstatic when I chanced upon Mummy’s Reviews giving away Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Cloth Diaper. Compared to the regular All-In-One (AIO) CDs, the cover and soaker are connected – meaning, there’ll be no waste of time in placing the insert after each wash. Best of all, according to the website’s author, MieVee, it’s absorbent, not bulky, doesn’t leave red marks on baby’s skin and organic. From the photos, it looks stylish on the little wearer as well! Click here to read more.

I can’t wait to add Bottombumpers to my collection of CDs. I’m sure Ewan’s bottom will be equally delighted as well!

Watch out for my post on CD reviews coming up soon…


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