I Want To Babywear Too!

I’ve been dreaming of owning a baby sling carrier ever since Ewan turned 1 month old. Really seriously…I’m not exaggerating. During that time, I was taking care of him on my own and two free hands were extremely useful, especially when Hubby was at work and he was screaming away to be carried. It was so stressful running between warming up milk and soothing a crying, hungry baby.

So I thought, a sling carrier would be perfect. My boy would definitely love to be bundled up, snuggle in my body warmth and see the world around him while I run the errands. Unfortunately, those in the market are way too expensive for my budget.

A very curious baby, Ewan likes to be carried and see people/things during outings. Stroller is useful but only in less crowded places. As carrying a 6.3kg baby around with our bare arms can be really tiring, especially for a petite mommy like me, we figured that Ewan would be more cooperative and contented if he was pouched up and could watch the world go by in my safe arms.

We treasure the Baby Bjorn carrier given by a kind friend but feel that it is more suitable for my hubby due to its bulkiness.

That’s why I want to win the Pupsik Studio Baby Pouch Carrier giveaway in Mummy’s Reviews so badly! It is stylish and most importantly, fitted to suit the wearer. Also, it is easy to use and does not require adjustment via rings or buckles. I would be that stylo mama strolling down the supermarket with a handsome baby pouched up in my arms and a dashing hubby in tow. *dream*

Here’s crossing my fingers (and toes!) real hard. Wish me luck, friends!


7 thoughts on “I Want To Babywear Too!

  1. Mommy, you should carry E a little bit higher (head slightly below your chin) so his weight won’t break your back so much. I can’t carry N in his Bjorn anymore now that he is almost 7kg. Not to mention my Baby Sling is in the box now 😦

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks for the tips! I’ll try and figure out the way to adjust the height. No wonder it felt weird carrying him in Bjorn!

      What happened to your ring sling? Not comfortable carrying Natey in it anymore? So far, Ewan’s weight on Bjorn is still bearable for me. I think the pouch sling will probably be more comfortable for us.

  2. May Yee

    I have the bjorn and the woori sling… But have not use it yet…. Don’t dare to…. 😦

    Sophie is so small… Don’t trust myself as yet…. :p

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi MieVee, thanks for dropping by. I chanced upon your blog while doing some research and have been following it ever since. Thank you for sharing those beneficial information and making other mommies’ lives easier 🙂 Yes, here’s hoping that Lady Luck will be with me for the giveaways I’ve participated in.

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