Cloth Diapering Part #1: The Basics

Yes, I’ve joined in the cloth diapering craze!

Photo courtesy of Happy Heiny's

How It Started?
Two letters – PG! She’s a mama friend whom I got to know online (despite months of email exchange, we’ve never met before although we’re staying in the same residential area). She introduced me to CDs and patiently explained the works of it despite my repeated queries. I was initially smitten with its environment-friendly trait.

What Is Cloth Diapering?
Cloth diaper is akin to a combination of muslin napkin and disposable diaper. It has the ‘feel’ and quality of fabric like the former and absorbency of the latter. You don’t have to change your baby as often as muslin napkin and at the same time, your baby isn’t wearing plastic like disposable diapers, which in prolonged use, can cause diaper rash, UTI etc. What’s more, besides functioning as a pair of stylish shorts, it saves the Earth!

#1 Easy to use! Just put it on, snap and done! No wrapping of plastic sheet or securing with napkin fasteners required. Very useful especially if you have an impatient baby like mine 🙂
#2 Highly absorbent! Even after 2 hours, baby’s bum still stays as dry and cosy, contrary to muslin napkin that gives the uncomfortable dampness after 1 hour.
#3 Economical! Not that I’m thinking to have another baby (yet!), but if you’re planning for more than 1 child, CD is the way to go. Yes, it is a big investment initially but you can save from RM 1,000 – RM 2,000 from birth to potty learning by choosing to use CD instead of disposable diapers.
#4 Environment-friendly! Nothing is better than saving the Earth and preserving our trees.
#5 Trendy! Gone are the days when baby napkins are just boring white. They come in various colours and designs, making them versatile as shorts too.

How To Use CD?
Most CD brands provide 2 inserts for each CD so that you have enough to rotate between laundry washes. The covers usually dry faster than the inserts.
Step 1: Wash your CDs – preferably several times – before use. The more often the CD is washed, the higher its absorbency.
Step 2: There are 3 sizes for you to choose from. Try the CD on your baby and adjust the size accordingly. Ewan is currently wearing the second row of buttons now. As your baby grows bigger, alter the sizing to fit.
Step 3: Place an insert into the CD pocket. Make sure it’s properly positioned. For baby boys, place the insert slightly to the front. As for baby girls, have the insert placed slightly to the back.
Step 4: Wear the CD on your baby. To prevent leakages, make sure there’s no space in between the CD and baby’s thighs.
Step 5: The CD usually stays dry up to 3 hours unless your baby is a heavy wetter. If soiled, remove CD and wash down stools in toilet.
Step 6: Take out the insert and together with soiled CD, place them in dry pail. You may want to soak the insert in water for just a while before that.
Step 7: Before putting dirty CDs in the washing machine, put on the laundry tabs to protect the aplix/velcro from getting damaged.

Note: Do not wash CD with detergent containing softener, enzymes or anti-bacterial properties (that includes NappiKleen). The most practical and economical detergent for CDs is Cosway Kiddi Wash.

And in case you’re wondering, no, it is not warm on baby’s bum and doesn’t give diaper rash.

Coming up next, the long-delayed review :p


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