Cloth Diapering Part #2: The Review

I started out with buying two sets of cloth diaper (CD) months before Ewan arrived,.just to get a ‘feel’ of the cloth diapering system. As newborns tend to poo more frequently, they remained in the cupboard until he was two months old. Overtime, I experimented with more brands and am now the proud owner of 10 CDs. I hope to double this amount one day so that there will be enough to go around at home and at the babysitter’s.

So after weeks of trying, wearing and washing six different brands of CD, here you go:


The CDs are reviewed based on these criteria:

~ Ease of Use – easy to wear, convenience of aplix/snap
~ Fitting – adjustable sizing, elasticity around thigh, red marks on baby’s skin
~ Design – variety of colours and designs
~ Absorbency – how long baby’s skin stays dry and comfortable
~ Trim – neat, the trimmer the better
~ Drying – how long it takes for the shell to dry


Comparison of various cloth diaper brands

1 being least effective; 5 being most effective


What I love most:
#1 Stretch-to-fit tabs – Although the prominent tabs are not very flattering in appearance, it makes putting on very easy and quick. There’s no loud, annoying zap noise from the aplix (Velcro) too.
#2 Made to fit your baby (not the other way round) – The stretch-to-fit tabs also allow a snug fit around the waist and thigh area and hence, does not leave any red marks on baby’s skin.
#3 Very absorbent – BG keeps my baby’s bum dry for 3 hours in between change.
#4 Trim and neat – It looks neat and doesn’t seem bulky when worn. Compared to other brands, it comes with insert stopper which secures the insert, hence keeping baby’s shirt/romper dry.

Unfortunately, BG has solid-colour designs only so far.

If your budget does not permit, Joli is equally good!

Ewan knows this CD review is a serious business, hence the look 😀

What I love most:
#1 Super soft: The fabric feels gentle and comfortable on baby’s skin.
#2 Very absorbent: Made from bamboo fabrics, it is much more absorbent than cotton.
#3 Stay-on insert: Additional snap to hold the insert from shifting. Also, this makes the insert more recognisable than other brands during laundry time.
#4 Trim and neat – It is not bulky when worn too.

On the downside, the amount of snaps on the cover confuses me and takes time to put them on, which doesn’t help when I have an impatient baby. It takes a while to get the ‘hang’ of it. Also, there are only six solid-colour designs to choose from. Insider’s news: They’re coming out with an improved version soon.

Moving forward, I hope to try more brands. So do stay around for more reviews.

If you would like to know where is best to get these CDs, drop me a mail/comment. Happy cloth diapering!

Note: The following above are based on my genuine observation and preference, which may differ from yours.


5 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering Part #2: The Review

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    1. joeyllhow

      Hi MH Yap, thanks for visiting my blog and sharing the info. You’re right, I should have amended it to Local or Overseas Brand, instead of where it’s made. Thanks ya!

  2. Woon Nee

    hi joey, if u remember, i commented on ur post long long time ago on the topic TTC. im now blessed with a 3.5 mths old baby boy 🙂
    would like to know where can i get CD because Melaka doesnt have much baby shop.

    1. joeyllhow

      Congratulations on your baby boy, Woon Nee! This is really great news 🙂

      For the cloth diapers, it depends on the brand you’re looking at and budget. I usually buy from online shops. ‘ll email you the links.

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