A Feeling To Remember

Before the madness of mommyhood rules my sanity again, I’d better jot down these memorable feelings. Feelings so meaningful and heart-melting that I would trade anything just to feel them again:

#1 I woke up one morning to find myself sandwiched between two men on the bed. One was a big, hairy man while another was his mini version (not so hairy yet!). We were snugly spooned up with each other; the fit was just right. The warmth was the best comfort I’ve ever felt. I am so bahagia~

#2 Proudly co-sleeping with Ewan since two months ago, we have been so in tune with each other’s sleeping positions and patterns ever since. Lately, I often find myself widely awake in the middle of the night watching my boy sleep, turn to my side and search for my breast with his eyes closed…just like a puppy. How heart-warming!

#3 Breastfeeding has once again proved its benefit in fostering a closer bond between mom and baby. As Ewan grows, he has become more expressive. Mumbling while being breastfed is a norm these days. While hilarious to watch, what I love most was the way he stared at me with such contentment and gratefulness while suckling.

Mommyhood has officially changed its status from “tiring” to “awesome”.


3 thoughts on “A Feeling To Remember

  1. Awww mommyhood is awesome indeed. Praise God for this amazing gift to us. The men can never get that close though they donated the half keke 🙂

    Just wait till they can run and starts becoming a menace. I wonder what will we say then?

    Chase that little tiger with the rotan! LOL

  2. mikichua

    my son always give me his hands or fingers when i’m breastfeeding him.. he just want to play with my face.. so warm~~

    1. joeyllhow

      Ya ya! Ewan loves to run his hand on my chest whenever I breastfeed him too. These days, I try to hold his hand when sleeping too. Such a wonderful feeling!

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