Ewan is 4 Months Old!

Two days ago, my prince turned 4 months old.

By 4 months old, Ewan:

~ Weighs 6.7kg
~ Gave his first laughter on July 1st, thanks to Daddy (Hubby was just swinging him to and forth with me on the other end, as if trying to catch him)
~ Still attempts to roll over…almost there!
~ Blows bubble with his saliva for fun
~ Chews, smooches and bites anything that is given to him
~ Loves watching Dibo The Gift Dragon *dibo dibo di*
~ Says “ah boooo…” when he wants mommy’s milk
~ Had his head shaved almost bald

According to “What To Expect: The First Year”, this is the golden age of babyhood. I can’t wait!


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