Bottle & Food Warmer Review

If you’re planning to breastfeed and go back to work after that or leave your baby under someone’s care once in a while, a bottle and food warmer will come in handy. I have had the opportunity to try out Lindam Food & Bottle Warmer and Lucky Baby Grandioz Baby Bottle & Food Warmer. If you’re still hunting for a warmer, here’s my two cents’ worth.

Comparison of Product Features:

EBM = expressed breastmilk

The Verdict
Lucky Baby (LB) wins! See the reasons:
#1 Ewan was never a patient baby until recently. In the early days, he would scream and cry whenever he was hungry. Hence, a warmer that works fast is important. LB warms up chilled EBM – evenly and to a just-right temperature – in 8 minutes. For Lindam (LI), it takes about the same amount of time for one heating cycle and even so, the milk is not sufficiently warm to be fed to my baby. I usually have to wait for another heating cycle of around 3 minutes before the milk is ready. That always means more crying and franticness.

#2 LB alerts with two beeps when the milk is ready. With LI, I would have to walk to and fro the kitchen to check it.

#3 I’m a LED-light person; I prefer my things to have an assured indication. The LED light in LB turns green when it’s ready and red when it’s still warming up.

#4 LB comes with two switches. To warm up milk, push the switch to your left and for baby food, push it to your right. For LI, the two position switches come in a knob form, which to me, is rather flimsy and not very “convincing”.

#5 LB comes with a handle, which is useful especially when I’m trying to remove the bottle from the hot water.

#6 LB is reasonably priced! At RM120 cheaper than LI, it’s a steal deal!

Do note that however, LI comes with a weaning bowl and a longer warranty.

When shopping for a bottle/food warmer, do not forget to take into account the size of your baby bottle, especially if it’s Avent or Tommee Tippee. Not all warmers, such as SnowBear and Tollyjoy, can accommodate these two brands.

Hope the review helps!

Note: The following above are based on my genuine observation and preference, which may differ from yours.

8 thoughts on “Bottle & Food Warmer Review


    Hi I have a Lucky Baby food warmer and I wonder if the water should be filled between the min and max line. But then the max line indicated inside the warmer is only 1/4 way of the warmer?!

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Ming, thanks for dropping by! You only need to fill the warmer with just half a cup of water because once you place a milk bottle/storage bottle in, the water will rise. The maximum level is indeed 1/4 only as it gives you a good estimate not to overfill and overflow the warmer. Hope this helps.

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi leehong, thanks for dropping by. Sure you can use hot water to warm the milk up but if your baby is impatient & would cry at the top of his lungs the second he wants milk (like mine), it takes a bit of time before the milk is ready to be served – especially if the milk comes from the fridge. If you’re planning to breastfeed exclusively for at least 3 months, it’s an essential buy. You can also use it to warm up thawed prepared-in-advance baby puree once baby starts solids. Hope this helps!

  2. fung ching

    Hi, I’m planning tp have a warmer. Is this warmer (Lucky Baby), can use to warm up the formula milk? This warmer didn’t provide the weaning bowl, how to warm up the baby food? Is it suitable to sterilize the feeding accessories (e.g. feeding spoons, teethers, teats, screw rings)? Thanks.

    1. Hi! This warmer can be used to warm up formula or breastmilk. It doesn’t come with weaning bowl though I don’t find it necessary as I usually put the frozen purée in a small container, let it float in warmer and warm it up that way. Too small and not effective for sterilising purposes.

      1. fung ching

        Thanks for the reply. You said you usually put the baby food in the container and let it float in the warmer, can I ask, what kind of container you use? Must be BPA free type?
        What kind of baby food processor you use? Also Lucky Baby brand? Thanks.

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