Breastmilk Giveaway

Most mommy bloggers give away sponsored cloth diapers and baby stuff, I give away breastmilk! 🙂

Call me a weirdo but I would like to share the immense goodness of breastmilk to those who are interested in giving their babies the best nutrition. To me, the idea is similar to donating blood. It’s simple; I’m blessed with abundant milk but my baby can’t keep up with my supply now. My freezer is running out of space too and I really need to make space for more. The first batch expired and was thrown away *heartache* while the second batch was given to my soon-to-arrive nephew.

No effort required, just send me a message and I’ll be happy to oblige. All I ask for is just a little token for the breastmilk storage bags I’ve bought, which cost me around RM0.46 to RM0.51 each (depending on brand). Priority will be given to mothers with premature and underweight babies, although other mommies are also encouraged to enquire.

Just in case you’re wary, I don’t drink or smoke and maintain a very healthy diet. My body mass index (BMI) is 18.9 in the ideal range and daily diet includes lots of fibre (vegetables and fruits – they’re my favourite!), Basmati rice when I eat at home, unsweetened cereals and oats, protein from tofu, fish and egg (again, my favourite), lots of plain water and occasionally, chocolates and ice-cream as treats. I avoid foods high in sugar and fat as well as oily and spicy stuff. I am also healthy and disease-free. Additionally, I sterilise my breastpump parts and storage bottles on a daily basis as well as conduct my pumping in a clean environment. My baby, who is still exclusively on breastmilk now, will be given the highest priority of my breastmilk supply; his needs will be met before giving away the extra.

Any takers? Drop me a comment or send me an email if you’re interested. Only for those who strongly believe and acknowledge the benefits of breastmilk, please.


6 thoughts on “Breastmilk Giveaway

  1. May Yee

    Do u think orphanage with babies will take it? Just a suggestion. I am still looking for orphanage with babies… Want to donate some stuffs which u bought but don’t need…

    1. There are rarely any orphanages with babies; babies are usually adopted rather quickly. Hence my baby stuff are still with me. Let me know if you found one ya…

      1. May Yee

        Okok.. I am thinking of donating to the woman’s aid organisation. Actually at the lrt depot (the service depot) near Ara damansara, there’s low cost flats whereby the WAO hv a shop there… We can donate the baby stuffs including old clothes to them… Meanwhile I will find out about the orphanage..

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