Forgive me for behaving like a teenager but I was totally awestruck to receive an email from my favourite gynae today.

A gem of a gynae to me, I really look up to him. If I were a doctor, I would want to be like him – passionate about what he does, willing to take up challenges, respectable, caring towards his patients and at the same time, friendly and approachable. Did I mention that he never failed to help me up from the bed after every scan during my pregnancy check-up visit? And that he brought me some water to sip on when I was all weak and tired during my labour? That he treated me as a person, not a patient? He also entertained my request to have an all-natural labour (which didn’t happen in the end, thanks to my low pain threshold *blush*). Small but meaningful gestures.

Gosh, I look awful here :S

I just want to say this:
Hi Dr Choong, thanks for reading my blog and writing to me. I’m super honoured! And don’t retire so soon ok? I want my second pregnancy to be taken care by you too.

And to my blog readers who are seeing him too: Don’t la expect him to do the same ya…I could be more special, hehehe!


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