Review: Paediatricians in KL, PJ & Melaka

Important: This post is written with no intention to damage/tarnish the reputation of the said paediatricians. The remarks are solely based on my observation and preference, and may differ from yours.

What do you look for when selecting a paediatrician for your little one? Over the past few months, Ewan has seen so a number of paediatricians – enough for me to compare and decide on a regular healthcare provider for him. Whether it’s for his monthly vaccinations or to seek treatment for his flu and cough or skin condition, here’s my take on the paediatricians we’ve come across so far.

A brief background about the paediatricians (please click for larger view):

Their services are judged based on the following criteria (please click for larger view):

As we value a paediatrician who charges reasonably, doesn’t always have a long queue and most importantly, takes the time to answer our concerns and questions, we have decided to settle down with Dr Kwan Poh Who as Ewan’s paediatrician. A very experienced doctor, he talks to parents as if we are his friends. You won’t be able to miss his stethoscope lined up with little koala toys. Besides, considering Ewan’s fascination and attentiveness for Dr Kwan during the visits, I guess he prefers this doctor as well. For emergency and convenience’s sake, our 2nd preference is Dr Cheng Seong Wai.

Pstss…Good to Know!
#1 You can SMS Dr Foo’s nurses for appointment. How cool is that?
#2 Dr Cheng has a very fierce nurse who prefers to address his patients by their registration numbers, like in jail! Don’t knock on the door earlier than the opening hours because chances are, you’ll get scolded for it 🙂
#3 The average time each little patient spends inside Dr Kwan’s room is around 10 minutes.

Tips When Visiting Your Paediatrician:
~ To minimize waiting hours, go first thing in the morning before the clinic opens and 45 minutes before it closes. Yes, it’s rather unfair to the doctor and nurses there but I really dislike waiting for hours, especially with such an active, can’t-sit-still and I-never-sleep-outside baby.
~ The next time you go into a doctor’s room, look around for his academic certificates to gauge his age and experience.


8 thoughts on “Review: Paediatricians in KL, PJ & Melaka

  1. Ben’s paed is older than my MIL (he’s in his 70s) and we like him cos he’s traditional in the sense that you don’t have to go for all the fancy smancy new vaccines in the market, just make sure your kid takes the necessary vaccines will do.

    He’s anti superstitious (like me!) – things like swaddling up baby in booties, mittens, etc etc is a no-no (for him and us), sweating it out when fever (is also no-no for us), and many others.

    He doesn’t give you face and will straight scold you if you are doing superstitious craps and will explain logically why you should not do such things.

    He’s clinic is in SS3, weekdays from 9.30am-12pm then reopened back from 6.30pm to 9pm. His nurse is actually his friendly wife.

    1. joeyllhow

      Jenny, thanks for sharing! Can give me the contact details of Ben’s paediatrician? Just in case Dr Kwan goes for holidays, we have a back-up paediatrician.

      Does Ben take the compulsory 6-in-1 jabs?

      1. Huh? What 6 in 1 jab? No idea of this (it’s not even listed in Ben’s gov. vaccine schedule book) — the most jab Ben took is the 3 in 1 (DTP, Hib & IPV) which was when he’s 3, 4 & 5MO.

  2. mikichua

    i normally go to the government clinic.. long hours of waiting but.. like u say so early in the morning or 2pm rite after their break. but for severe cases i go to a lady doc near my place. she is very patience and gentle. i ask her to check the jdric for flu (which i tot is flu) but she did a whole body check up including *ahem* part. i think she is nice. cheap too. haha..

    1. joeyllhow

      We have a 1Malaysia clinic nearby our house too but not sure how trustworthy the doctors there are 🙂 For minor illnesses, we usually cross the street to a Mediviron. Ewan likes the doctor there too 😀

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  4. BabyCattmummy

    Good to know your list of paed, i share the same location, but different paeds. I have been visiting Dr Yip in Mahkota and he is the only 1 that I will keep returning and following his advice. I was not being charged a single cent in numerous visits! He showed true caring and although he may sound like he is questioning my intention, but all of this is just showing his concern and care for my baby. However in KD area, I have been to ABC specialist in centre point (was charged a bomb) and Dr Chua in KD (only opens at certain hour and not the same doctor Chua sometimes).

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