Part #2: Bet You Didn’t Know…

or maybe I’m the only oblivious one around.

I discovered something interesting about my baby’s head through my friend Jong Ping yesterday. If you look at your baby’s fontanel properly, you’ll see vibrating pulse like heartbeat on your baby’s head! How cool is that?

According to Wikipedia:

The posterior fontanel usually closes by eight weeks, but the anterior fontanel can remain open up to eighteen months. The anterior fontanel is located at the junction of the frontal and parietal bones; it is a “soft spot” on a baby’s forehead. Careful observation will show that you can count a baby’s heart rate by observing his or her pulse pulsing softly through the anterior fontanel.

If my friend didn’t tell me, I would have thought there’s a heart on Ewan’s head if I made the discovery myself. Thanks, Ping! 🙂

View part #1 of Bet You Didn’t Know here.


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