Pumping At Work: What To Bring

This post is written for my mommy friend, May Yee, who will be going back to work soon.

Yes, breastfeeding and working full-time can go hand-in-hand! If you are planning to pump at work, here’s a list of things to bring:

1. Cooler bag
2. Ice pack – to ensure your expressed breastmilk remains chilled on your way home from office
3. Sterilised milk storage bottles (4x) – depending on the number of times you’ll be pumping
4. Ziplock bags – to hold your storage bottles and prevent odour from office’s fridge from contaminating your expressed breastmilk
5. Breastpump
6. Breastpump parts
7. Sterilizing container – see here
8. Sterilizing tablets – keep a box in your office
9. Small sponge for cleaning breastpump parts
10. Cleaning liquid – poured into a small bottle
11. Kitchen towel paper – for wiping dripped milk and holding cleaned parts

Make good use of your office resources and print out a simple signage to request for privacy while pumping, such as this:

It will be a little troublesome at the beginning but with time, you’ll get used to the whole routine.

One thing to note though is, you’ll get stares as you walk into the office every morning with bags on your left and right arm as if you have just visited a market but keep your head high and give yourself a pat on the back for the effort to provide the best nutrition to your baby. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Pumping At Work: What To Bring

  1. You forgot to put a good book or magazine on your list! Pumping at work is a great way to squeeze in some alone time during the day. I encourage all pumping moms to take advantage of that time to relax and enjoy some reading time!

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks for dropping by my blog! Yes, a magazine does come in handy. I didn’t jot that down as my next entry will cover “what to do” in a more comprehensive manner. Thanks anyways!

  2. Oh thanks Joey! I was thinking about bf at work. Its not easy but the benefits of it goes a long way. I admire those mommies who goes all the way to bf even when they go back to work. 🙂

  3. May Yee

    Yes, I will be… But my tear taps were already running yesterday when I was packing sophie’s stuffs to bring to my mother’s…

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