Happy Birthday, Michelle!

This entry is specially dedicated to Michelle Gan for her 28th birthday.

Ladies & gentlemen, meet my colleague cum buddy, Michelle Gan. We met in April 2008 at the management office of Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. Over the past 2.5 years, we have had our fair share of fun, mischief, debates and arguments, all of which further strengthened our friendship. We have smacked each other’s butt and combed one another’s hair along the way. A lovable social butterfly and an avid Christian, Michelle lights up the room wherever she goes and puts people at ease even in the most awkward situation. All in all, we can always count on Michelle to be there for us.

Michelle turns 28 today. A week earlier, we – Lydia, Virgillia, Jennifer and I – came up with ideas for her birthday bash. As this was going to be Michelle’s last birthday with the company, we wanted it to be really memorable and special. That means, fun + pranks + a hint of sweet gestures.

The masterminds behind the fun. Ooops we left out Marie! Sorry~

We began the “bash” a few days before her birthday with prank calls, where Lydia took the lead role. We had to hold back our laughter and put up a straight face when she said, “Hello? Hello?!” on the phone. Marie’s version of “Muhamad? Is that Muhamad?” was the best!

Chief of Prank Calls - Lydia

Then, we gathered for lunch at Nando’s yesterday in celebration of August birthday babies.

August birthday babies

Michelle’s birthday morning started off mild and sweet. She walked into the office late at 10.20am to see this. The balloons drew inquisitive stares and wishes from almost everyone who past by! Bingo!

We hid two alarm clocks around her desk and set them to go off at 9.30am and 11.00am. The first alarm clock failed us. The second alarm clock had her searching frantically for it and upon discovery, she said, “It sounded like a bomb is gonna explode soon….My life is precious, OK?”

Found the beeping culprit!

When she walked off to the restroom, Jennifer spiked her water tumbler with some mango yoghurt drink. Again, Michelle suspected me of putting my breastmilk into her tumbler. Seriously, do you think I’ll waste my breastmilk this way? Geez….

Chief of Drink Spiker - Jen

Virgillia sticked a cellophane tape underneath her mouse. She went, “Why is my PC not working?!”

Chief of Cellophane Tape (?) - Virgillia

During lunch time, we gave her desk a total makeover, turned everything upside down, criss-crossed ribbons everywhere and scattered post-it notes.

We work hard, play even harder

Here’s our gorgeous masterpiece:

Our pride and joy!

Her reaction when she saw our hard work:

For the final touch, we placed the things we’ve stolen from her desk over the week in a box and wrapped it up with newspaper.

And she thought it was a present for her 🙂

OK OK, we’re not that mean. For her real birthday present, we got her RM100 MNG vouchers. We know she’ll love us for that!

Dear Michelle, until our paths cross again, I wish you the best in your future endeavours. May happiness follows everywhere you go, just like how you brought joy and laughter into my life. Like I once said, I’m blessed to have a friend like you.

Happy Birthday!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Michelle!

  1. michelle gan

    the truth unravels…i can soooo feel the love, especially the part where my drink got spiked! thanks again for making it my best birthday yet!

  2. Jennifer

    Hey Michelle.. come on admit it.. you’re so in love with your spiked drink with mango yogurt drink that you actually dont mind drinking it.. hahahaa

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