Bonding with Daddy

For the past few days, all of us – that’s me, my hubby and our furkid Odee – have had rough nights. All of us EXCEPT Ewan. Ever since he mastered the skills of rolling over, practising was all he could think of. That included waking up at odd hours like 3.30am to practise too. He would wake up in the middle of the night, mumble, pull our nose/lips/hair/shirt, roll onto his tummy, get stuck, cry and repeat the entire routine for 1.5 hours.

Wednesday night was the worst. He was wide awake at 4.00am and didn’t sleep until five hours later. When the morning came, Hubby brought him out for a walk with Odee as I stole another 10 minutes of sleep. After getting dressed for work and on my way going down the stairs, I heard Hubby speaking animatedly from the kitchen saying, “Do you want peanut butter or blueberry jam? Milo or Horlicks?”.

Then, I saw this:

Ewan listening and watching intently as his Daddy prepares breakfast

My heart skipped a beat faster. A morning I initially thought was going to be long and tiring was suddenly, uplifted~

If you have watched Jennifer Lopez’s recent movie The Back-Up Plan, there was a scene where a father said something to the effect of “parenting is awful, awful, awful and awful. Then something magical happens that makes everything worth it. Then it’s awful, awful, awful again.”

I think this is one of my magical moments 🙂


7 thoughts on “Bonding with Daddy

  1. SO sweet! I ordered a Bumbo seat and it just arrived two days ago. They’re great, huh???

    BTW, I had to laugh when I read your snippet about your mole! Did they really slap your arm, thinking it was a fly? Hahaha! Also, I share your lifelong dream about having a small farm with lots of animals but I’d stay here in Australia 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      I think all babies look super adorable in Bumbo! My boy didn’t like to seat in it at the beginning but once he learned to flip, he appreciates the upright, sitting up view better.

      Ya, me and my never-ending mole story. I got slapped on my arm so many times I’ve already lost count. It does indeed look like a fly from far. Are you from Melbourne as well? I used to live there for 2 years.

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