Playdate #1

After weeks of planning and rescheduling, we finally brought Ewan for his first playdate with Baby Natey and Baby Sophie last Saturday. It was an afternoon of babies, mommies, husbands, food and dog.

This was also my first official meeting with my online mommy friends.

Here’s a little story to share. The wonders of Internet have brought three precious mommy friends into my life. Allow me to introduce them:

>> Jaclyn – I stumbled upon Jac’s blog – mellomouse – during my pregnancy and found out that we had several things in common: pregnant, own a white dog and we blog! She can write very well and has a very informative yet illustrative blog. Jaclyn’s baby boy is Natey, 6 months.

>> May Yee – A full-time working supermom with remarkable bargaining skills, May Yee came across my blog during our pregnancies. We both love dogs too. She reads Jaclyn’s blog as well and that was how the connection began. A dog lover, she runs an online pet bakery. May Yee’s little princess, Sophie is the youngest among our babies at 3 months old.

>> Yen – We came into contact when I was looking for people to join me for pregnancy yoga lessons. The plan didn’t materialise in the end but we continued to keep in touch. Yen was a former air-stewardess *phweeett…*. She is also a stay-at-home mom to baby girl Zoe, almost 5 months.

Baby Natey & Baby Ewan on Bumbo
Jac's nursery is so comfortable and inspiring. Excuse the bald head, please
Two little tiger cubs flexing their muscles
I love this picture the best! Look at their funny expression...
Jac's Westie, Scubby, getting some attention from Ewan. Odee would be upset if he sees this 🙂
Jac & Natey ~ me & Ewan ~ May Yee & Sophie

Oops, we forgot about the drivers a.k.a. husbands!

We had a wonderful time catching up, seeing our babies bond and getting to know each other better. I bet it would be even more fun if Yen were there too. Unfortunately, she could not make it for this session.

To the host, Jac, thanks for welcoming us into your warm and comfortable home!

When’s the next playdate, ladies? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Playdate #1

  1. We have to do more playdates. Once a month! We take turns and rotate ya 🙂

    Ooo I love the shot in Natey’s room. I actually thought the Mommies and babies can go in there while the hubbies berbonding outside hehe

    It’s such heartwarming to see our hairkid warming up to our furkids ya. They will grow up to be loving children 🙂

  2. May Yee

    Hahaha! I could keep my eyes off Ewan and his Patrick! Thank you for the interesting introduction of me…. v flattering! Kakaka!

    Nice photos… I love the mirror idea in Jac’s nursery… babies love to look at themselves…!

    Next round can be at my place (but without the doggies) as my 4 monkeys are v ganas. Let me check… and will revert!

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