Review: Breastmilk Storage Bag

Important: This post is written with no intention to damage/tarnish the reputation of any said brand. The remarks are solely based on my observation and preference, and may differ from yours.

How do you store your expressed breastmilk (EBM)? Over the months, I have experimented with both methods of storage bottle and storage bag, and discovered that using the latter is the most effective way.

This review compares three different brands that I frequently use:

Autumnz vs Jingle Jungle vs Little Bean

What to look for when shopping for breastmilk storage bags:

Overview of brands

Based on the above, I prefer Jingle Jungle (JJ) the best because:
#1 It is recommended to store EBM in smaller quantity to prevent wastage and allow shorter thawing duration. For the same competitive price as Autumnz, JJ offers a larger storage capacity, good for just in case I decide to store more than 4oz in each bag. Besides, bigger/shallower bag means lower chances of spilling the precious EBM, especially when you’re trying to eliminate air bubbles from the bag.

#2 JJ is the easiest to use with double ziplock feature. Just pour in EBM, seal it and put in the freezer. Little Bean requires double the effort; upon ziplocking it, you’ll need to fold and seal it with a sticker which doesn’t hold the fold in place at times.

#3 Due to JJ’s larger storage capacity, the bag flattens nicely when placed horizontally to freeze. This saves lots of space in your freezer.

Space saving

#4 The designated area for marking is located on top of the open flap, thereby preventing any possible contamination of EBM by pen ink.

#5 Considerably thick although Autumnz is the thickest among all with double-wall feature.

#6 Best of all, the material used in JJ is recyclable. Go green!

The only disadvantages of JJ are:
#1 You’ll have to be extra careful when tearing off the seal and pulling the zipper seal apart as I have ripped the sides and damaged the bags twice. Could be a result of my clumsiness too 🙂

#2 It is difficult to mark date/time on the bag due to its material. A thin marker pen is recommended.

Good to Know:
>> When removing air from the filled storage bag, place it between your palms and slide upwards gently.

>> If you have the extra budget, why not try these milk trays instead?

Fresh Baby's Breast Milk Storage Trays

Milk Trays by Sensible Lines

Hope the review helps!


20 thoughts on “Review: Breastmilk Storage Bag

  1. Hey Joey,

    Thanks a lot for such helpful information. I was Googling online to check out the packaging details and prices but not too sure which one would be ideal/practical.

    You know where can I get JIngle Jungle in Melaka? or if its in KL, where did u purchase them?


    1. joeyllhow

      Since when you started calling me “Joey” ah? Call me Luan Luan, pls 😀 It’s a name reserved for Malaccans to call ;P

      You can get Jingle Jungle in many online baby store such as enjoybreastfeed, Fabulous Mom or Babyland in SS2 etc. If I’m not mistaken, Fabulous Mom is running a promotion now – RM19+ for 2 boxes. Go check it out. I rarely shop in Malacca, so can’t help you there.

  2. May Yee

    I am using the BP free BumbleBee bottles (having up to 100 bottles and used up to 70 of them as todate) and also the Milk Trays by Sensible Lines…
    I prefer the bottles… just thaw and screw on the nipple. Reduces the handling & contamination of the EBM. For the Milk Trays, the idea is brilliant… but v troublesome… ie removing the frozen EBM and place them into EBM storge bags… just my 2 cents

    1. joeyllhow

      100 bottles? Wow, you must have a huge freezer to store all these! I used to keep my EBM in bottles too but couldn’t keep up with buying so many bottles. They took up lots of space in the freezer too, hence the change to storage bag. The milk tray seems like such a unique idea but practicality comes first ya…

  3. Yen

    May Yee, 100 bottles? I thought my collection of 60 bottles is alot. I kalah! Hahhaha…:D What is

    Joey, thanks for the review. I am searching online for storage bags to bring to Shanghai. Bottle too leceh.

  4. emily

    mine are in plastic cups with lids.. after using once i throw.. it’s cheap /10 c each but it takes up space in the freezer. Are storage bags reusable? i know of someone who did that.

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Emily, may I know what brand is the cup with lid?

      As far as I am concerned, the storage bags can only be used once and not reusable.

  5. emily

    there’s no brand. it’s the type like kaya cups, but clear. It was an idea from the antenatal class at the govt hosp,.. usually also shown in their brochures. Some buy the short ones (2-3 oz) but mine are the 4-5 oz ones. But, obviously not bpa free la and only soak in warm water to warm up milk. Easy to stack and no spills while pouring.

  6. emily

    yeah i know. Actually some say that these containers dont actually contain BPA. BPA is found more commonly in hard clear plastic.. like colourful water bottles and mainly milk bottles. If the plastic can be bended/like pressed in and are cloudy clear, these are made from a material that doesnt contain BPA, just like these cups. Except for Avent BPA free bottles, these are hard and clear but it’s made from another type of BPA free material. So i read.

  7. Hi Joey,

    I never really took interest in the different brands of EBM storage bags. I direct feed, and only keep a small frozen EBM stock for emergencies. The only brand I’ve ever used is the Little Bean one, and I have yet to finish the enire box! hehe. Little didi I know it’s the most expensive among the three…

    1. joeyllhow

      My boy usually can’t keep up with my milk supply, hence I have to pump out to prevent engorgement. These days, my stored EBM are usually given away to either my nephew or some other babies who need it.

  8. mar

    Thanks for such a useful and helpful information. But autumnz also haVE 12oz-size storage bags.and..can’t it stored flat?

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi mar,

      During my breastfeeding time which was two years ago, I don’t remember coming across the Autumnz 12oz storage bags. It must be a new range. At that point of time, I was storing between 5-7oz in each pack, and as such the Autumnz ones would spill if I pour in that much and flatten it.

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