Give Credits or Be Creative

Sure thing copycats are the biggest form of flattery but I still don’t like them.

It has come to my attention that someone out there is copying my blog in her blog, sometimes word for word, for way too many times. Another of my buddy’s blog wasn’t spared too. While I’m completely flattered about this, it annoys me terribly too. Truthfully, I rarely visit this person’s blog because it upsets me to see my work in there.

If you like my blog entries, comment or tell me. If you’re inspired and would like to write something to the same effect, tell me too and if possible (not compulsory though), credit my blog accordingly. That’s all I ask for.

Perhaps you feel safer copying someone’s work but trust me, if you let your creativity flow and believe in yourself, you’ll be really amazed with what your brain can come up with. Everyone’s unique and different in their own special way. Give yourself a chance to try, can?

Yes, I’m watching YOU, kekeke! 😉


12 thoughts on “Give Credits or Be Creative

  1. Though they say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, I know how you feel. Perhaps this blogger is still looking for her own “blogging voice”. But yeah, give this blogger some time, and I am sure she will be able to blog creatively.

    A famous blogger once told me, “Blog with passion, as there is no better expression” 😀

  2. Aiya.. considered good lor, blog so long now only you get copycat… at least you got some blissful period of blogging without stress…

    I remember I was blogging for 1mth or so then got stalker liao… copied my blog template (which I got for free anyway but I took a longgggggggggggggg time looking for it OK!), then widgets, then post title, then post contents…

    One moment I blog about Ben starting solids, next morning hers is up. Although her child is few days older than Ben, when I hinted why so ‘coincident’ we post about starting solids, she just said our kids same age range so coincidence… ya, my arse…

    Though friends tell me plagiarism is the highest form of flattery, I say no thank you ler. I spent lot of time looking for nice things to add into my blog, you just don’t copy straight lor… very sakit hati u know…

    She is still following my blog even though I’ve already hinted and hinted and even moved out of Blogger to my own domain… this parasite cannot shake off… sigh….

  3. Oh, just wanted to add, I am in no way trying to say I own those blog widgets but I’m pissed because I took long time and effort to search and test it out… so to see it magically appear the next day on your stalker’s blog is very sickening…

    It’s like this people’s brains are useless… have to rely on other ppl to do the work you know…

    Now that I’m on my own blog domain, hosting it on my server, I feel abit more secure in the sense that I designed my blog look by myself, yes, I do have widgets which I got from the Net (after took long time and effort to do that) so if I see any of my blog stuff appearing in the stalker’s site, she is so going to get it…. I am keeping an eye on her once in a while hehehehe…

    1. joeyllhow

      I won’t call her a stalker since she’s an acquaintance. It didn’t just start recently; happened since my pregnancy but I’ve been keeping quiet. I won’t completely penalize this person and can understand her intentions, just would be nicer if she can give herself a chance to try or at least link my blog. Like my friend Pelf said, she’s probably just searching for her own voice now. So hopefully, fingers crossed, she will find her own style soon.

  4. Errr… since you said it started since your pregnancy, this fella took really long time to search for her ‘voice’ ler… I don’t know ler, I’m very paranoid with being ‘stalked’ wan… wish you all the best in getting your message across to that fella ler…

    Nothing much we can do really… 😦

    1. joeyllhow

      I don’t think she’s horrible. I love to share and it’s good knowing that my blog serves as an inspiration for her. I sincerely hope this doesn’t deter her from continuing to blog.

  5. Jennifer

    This is the first time I heard a blog being copied. I find it hilarious. A blog is a form of one’s opinion in writting. The copy-cat thinks that she/he thinks the same as you or wanted to be the same length as you? Any way, I find it inappropriate to copy someone’s blog as it truly reflected that person’s charac. Reminded me of a friend’s parrot.. repeats after what you say. Polly wants a cracker?

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