Truth About Motherhood: The First Six Months

Raising a child is like riding a rollercoaster. It’s not always marshmallows and hot chocolate; there are ups and down. On some days, when Ewan decides to cling on to me every single second like a koala bear or won’t have any naps, I feel that motherhood is overrated. On other days, I am so happy spending time with him that I cannot imagine doing anything else.

Here’s a truthful rundown on my experience as a mother for the past six months:

What I Thought…

1st Month:
~ “All he does is sleep, feed and cry. How come nobody ever told me that motherhood is THIS boring?”
~ “Oh nooo…where did I leave my spectacles again? *a minute later* What was I looking for again?”

2nd Month:
~ “That’s IT, my life is officially down the drain. I can’t even bathe, eat or sleep in peace and without rush.”
~ “Bye bye to romance. Hubby, if you need anything, please plot in your appointment in my diary. Mondays to Sundays are not good”
~ “I’m so so so tired. What did I just to myself? Can someone give me back my life?!”

3rd Month:
~ “Ohhh…you’re finally awake! And you can smile and coo! Hello, my little sweet pumpkin, cupcake, sugar plum….”
~ “Why won’t you sleep?! Sleep, pleaseeeeeeee. Now if there’s a safe baby tranquilizer, wouldn’t that be nice? Right? Right! I’m a bad mother :(”
~ “Breastfeeding? It’s like peeing; I can do it in the dark with my eyes closed”

4th Month:
~ “Awww…I feel like chewing on your tiny little feet and hands. You smell so good, even without a bath! And your fart sounds cute too. No Daddy, don’t imitate him, it’s disgusting when you fart”
~ “Uhmmm…imagine where I would have gotten if I was so good at doing so many things with one hand years ago!”
~ “I don’t like you, tooth fairy, for making my baby suffer in pain”

5th Month:
~ “Peekaboo, chiakkk…! OK, this game is getting a little too old. What’s next?”
~ “I don’t care if I’m not wearing fancy clothes or carrying designer bag anymore because I’m still a total, all-rounder mommy goddess”
~ “OMG, look at his poop….why does it smell different today? They’re warm and slushy too! Wanna feel?”

6th Month:
~ “Will you please stay still while I change you? Why do you have to taste everything? No no no, leave the dirty pile of clothes alone and Odee is not chewableeeeeeee!!”
~ “Blowing raspberry on my arm is oh-so-adorable; I’m so proud to show off my hickey…from my son!”
~ “Can someone get me some energy drink, please?”

In a nutshell, motherhood still ROCKS!


4 thoughts on “Truth About Motherhood: The First Six Months

    1. joeyllhow

      I’m in the midst of training myself to keep up with him. He’s probably gonna be a very active toddler, considering the amount of energy he has now. *shudders*

  1. melanie lim

    Bravo & thumbs up to you Luan Luan!! You’ve excelled & will continue to excel as a mummy. Now that you have chosen to be a full-time mummy, I believe baby Ewan will groom to be a fine, young boy under your care….

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks Melanie! Soon you’ll walk down the aisle and go through the exciting pregnancy/motherhood journey too šŸ™‚

      I won’t set high expectations on Ewan on what he’s going to be in the future, but here’s hoping that with me around guiding and exploring with him, he’ll grow up to be a fine man.

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