Happy 3rd Anniversary, Mr Chua!

OMG, it has been 3 years since I signed my life away on the dotted lines and officially became Mrs Chua. Are we still the same couple that we were three years back? Yes and no! Yes, marriage changed and taught me to be a better person (especially when it comes to arguing wisely and reaching a decision together) and no, it didn’t put my life on hold. One of the best things about marrying this man (besides the annual FOC flight ticket to any destinations in the world) is I can still be my erratic self, hang out with my friends (even guys) / go on holidays with my girlfriends and still gets his 150% support/guidance on everything.

Our Relationship Journey So Far…
17 March 2006: Met him through a speed dating session held at Damansara. He was the best looking there!

15 April 2006: We became an item, in Singapore! He first held my hands outside Robertson Quay Hotel *blush*

Our first photo as a couple. Can you believe I actually cut our one and only photo so that it can fit into my photo frame? *bodoh*

15 March 2007: He proposed at The Saujana. Awww… See full story here

15 September 2007: We registered our marriage in Malacca. See full story here under “Legally Married”

15 October 2007: Our wedding day, also known as the happiest day of my life. Read more here

*Ting ting ting ting* When the guests knock their glasses with chopsticks, the newlyweds have to kiss.

10 January 2008: We got our furkid Odee. Read more here

25 July 2009: We found out about my pregnancy! Read our excitement here

21 March 2010: Then the real hairkid Ewan came along…See here

OK, this is going to make the ends of your hair stand but I still want to say, “I love you, Hunny!”

BY THE WAY, it is said that the traditional gift for 3rd wedding anniversary celebration is leather. Not sure if this is a coincidence or not but I saw this very lovely leather wallet at Fossils yesterday. Just sharing only….*hint hint*


4 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Anniversary, Mr Chua!

  1. Honey

    If my life was sub-divided to 3-year segments, this last 3 years has been the most exciting, and loving one ever – and I looking forward to more exciting 3-year segments with you, and our Ewan!

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