Ewan Is 6 Months Old!

All hail the 6-month old Baby Ewan!

At 6 months, Ewan:

~ Wakes Mommy up with sloppy smooches all over her face
~ Attempts to crawl by going on all fours and swinging to and forth
~ Moves like a baby seal – real fast!
~ Is still learning how to sit unsupported
~ Loves to kick and splash water during bathtime
~ Starts taking solids: brown rice, white rice, oatmeal
~ Indicates his needs by making grunting sounds. My colleague Samantha described the sound as “like an old man trying to catch a breath”
~ Squeals and laughs in delight when playing with Daddy
~ Is a little underweight at 7.35kg (a 6-month old baby should weigh around 8kg). He’s more interested in playing rather than drinking or napping these days.
~ Is still bald – I’m contemplating hair tonic 🙂
~ Experienced his first fall from the bed 😦

It has been 6 months since I gave birth. Should I start searching for a primary school already? *kiasu*


2 thoughts on “Ewan Is 6 Months Old!

    1. joeyllhow

      Ewan is more interested in playing and exploring these days, always forget about napping and drinking. Doc said that as long as he doesn’t look malnourish, it’s OK. Plus, both his parents are too big as well.

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