Farewell SRHS!

Today, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa (SRHS) lost a very good employee. An employee who never fails to speak well of its brand and products, someone who is loyal, happy and satisfied with her working environment. With that, let’s observe a 1-minute silence to commemorate SRHS’ loss.

Retirement Certificate presented by my colleagues

The time has come for me to bid farewell to my colleagues at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa (SRHS). My longest serving job throughout my eight-year career stint, I have been happiest working here. With so many different industries under one roof, SRHS has taught me so much that I would never trade the knowledge and experience for anything else.

The thing about this company is, people are genuinely warm and nice here. There’s no need to practise extra caution of any ulterior motives if your colleague is kind to you. There’s no need to wear branded clothes (we get uniforms!) or carry a LV bag to blend in. Although we have over 1,000 staff here, smiling and creating a conversation with someone you’ve just met in the lift is really common. From housekeeping, kitchen and engineering to sales, marketing and F&B, everyone is very much closely knitted.

Christmas 2008

A huge thank you and hug to my group of wonderful colleagues here, especially:

BEE LUN – My memory of Bee Lun is, she loves to drink some kind of special tea. Her huge tumbler keeps me distracted during long meetings.

CHEAH – The “dinosaur” of SRHS, Cheah has been here for AGES! She’s also the mama of the department, always sharing beneficial parenting tips and advice.

CLAUDIA – A mama of three children who is also known as “ice queen” for her cool expression, she was my inspiration for pumping at work.

Salsa Party 2009

IAN – The only thorn among the roses, Ian is helpful and can talk a lot during lunch time. He’s always the one translating English to Mandarin for me. Ian also guided me with the development of Sunday Lily.

JANICE – Always impeccably groomed and looking her best, Janice bakes really yummy and heavenly cheese cakes. I will definitely miss her creations 🙂

JENNIFER – Another newbie of the department, Jen and I can talk non-stop about babies. Need to know where to get this and that baby stuff? Ask Jen, she always has the answers 🙂

Farizal's Farewell Dinner 2009

LOUISE– I still remember the first thought that came into my mind when Louise joined the company; it was “wow, so tall and pretty! What is she doing here? She should be a pageant queen or air stewardess!”.

LYDIA – A gem of colleagues, she’s from the SMART programme, meaning she’s really smart! Lyds has 101 great ideas and willingly share them with us so that we can claim those ideas ours too. She kindly helped me with the development of Sunday Lily as well.

MARISSA – Mommy of miracle baby Jayden, Marissa loves to doodle (esp. during long meetings) and has a very good eye for design. We do lots of mommy-talk and online shopping together too. Marissa helped me with the “look” of Sunday Lily.

Reks' Birthday 2009

MELISSA – Always sitting quietly at her corner (and FB-ing, kekeke!), Mel used to have this really shiny and clean Kelisa which I would admire every time I passed by. She has recently upgraded to a clean and shiny Vios *phweeet*

MICHELLE – My buddy/partner in crime since day 1, Mich is also leaving SRHS in a week’s time. Yes, we do things together-gether! I’ve given her enough credits here. Now, go seek your fame somewhere else, Mich…

More birthday celebrations

REKHA – My “bestest” boss who is one of the most generous, understanding and kind people I’ve ever met. Working with Reks has always been a breeze; she is always imparting her knowledge and experience selflessly. If it wasn’t because of her, I would have left SRHS for greener opportunities (ie. more ka-ching!) long time ago.

SAMANTHA – Sam joined SRHS two weeks before I did and has witnessed me from being single to becoming someone’s wife to getting pregnant, becoming a mom and finally leaving for good. We love Sam for her “don’t-mess-with-me” attitude, makes me feel protected 🙂 In real, she’s actually a very fun and lovely person to be with.

Christmas 2009

THERA – We first met in 2001 when I was doing my intership at Edelman. A few years later, we bumped into each other at SRHS and became office neighbours. Thera’s desk is a “mini market” – if you are hungry or need minyak cap kapak, go look for Thera! If you need to bake a cake, maybe she has the ingredients there too!

VIRGILLIA– A newbie in our team, Virgil is the darling of the team. She calls herself virgillicious (can you believe it?!)! She’s indeed quite delicious looking actually. In Jamaica, they call chicks like her “Chessus”! Kekeke….

My (and Mich's) farewell lunch

Not to forget, the lovable and humble Chef Chan who cooks the loveliest Cantonese cuisine and yummiest durian puff in town:

Chef Chan does this EVERYTIME he faces the computer!

If I’m given a choice, I would continue working here. But all good things have to come to an end. Today, I’m leaving the Hotel with great memories and knowledge to treasure. I will definitely miss ALL OF YOU! Until our paths cross again…

Goodbye #7339 employee ID, goodbye #729 uniform ID, goodbye joeyhll@sunwayhotels.com….GOODBYE SRHS!


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