Happy 3rd Anniversary, Mr Chua: Part #2

Guess what my Hubby got for our 3rd wedding anniversary? Not jewelry, not clothes. Nothing to do with leather either. You’ll never guessed it correctly anyhow.

I got a humidifier cum ionizer! As we sleep in air-conditioned room every night, a good humidifier would come in handy especially for Ewan’s dry skin. So we’ve been hunting around for one, with the first choice being the expensive Osim uMist. Nahhh, we are not going to pay over RM300 for something that works the same but looks cuter only. So he went ahead and bought this:

As our 3rd anniversary fell on a weekday, we had Chillies delivered to our home via Room Service. It was the second time we’ve engaged their service. So far so good, the food arrived faster than promised and still as yummy.

Tortillas and Triple Play from Chillies

Here’s to another great year, Hunny!


5 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Anniversary, Mr Chua: Part #2

  1. Keke at first glance, your little new toy looked like R2D2 🙂

    Happy 3rd Anniversary to Mr & Mrs Stephen Chua!

    Psst… any hopes of a little Rabbit coming along after the celebration? 😉

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