Starting Solids Pt #2: Feeding Must-Have’s

Feeding solids is actually much simpler than I thought. There’s no hard and fast rules; just follow your mommy’s instincts, observe your baby for allergic reactions and make feeding time fun. As of now, Ewan has tasted brown rice and oatmeal cereals as well as avocado and pumpkin. All were well accepted except avocado which gave him allergic reactions such as rashes, itchiness and bloatedness.

Here are my must-have’s when feeding Ewan:

[√] Feeding bowl & soft tip baby spoon – Tommee Tippee’s heat sensing utensils change colour when food is too hot
[√] Bib – preferably plastic/water-proof type
[√] Wet cloth – to wipe and contain messes (babies are really messy eaters!)
[√] High chair or Bumbo (if baby can’t sit unsupported yet)
[√] Spoon for baby to hold
[√] Food (of course!)

Not to forget…

a hungry baby!

Moving forward, Ewan will be trying carrot, spinach and sweet potato before we venture further into sweeter foods like fruits.


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