Nursing Mamas Rock!

My former colleagues Lydia and Virgillia suggested that I should “diversify” my blog and explore other topics instead of just talking about motherhood and babies only. So diversify I shall in this entry 🙂

As a nursing mom (see, I can’t seem to steer clear from motherhood topics!), there are not many varieties of outing clothes that we can wear without worrying about the inconvenience of breastfeeding in the public. Nice and proper nursing blouses are really pricey while the affordable ones tend to make us look pregnant again. Hence, I have decided to make-shift with whatever normal clothes, as long as they are comfortable and allow breastfeeding.


Here’s my latest purchase:

Syiok sendiri-nyer...

Cardigan from A Model’s Studio RM39
Ribbed long tank from xoxokiss RM10
Black leggings from Sunway Pyramid RM28

OMG, I feel so young again suddenly….maybe I should pose with the kawaii-neh pinky on my cheek next time too, ya?

OK, my son is throwing remote controls all over the floor. Back to reality of being a SAHM (Sexy And Hot Mom). Ciao…


12 thoughts on “Nursing Mamas Rock!

    1. joeyllhow

      Ooooo, another online shop! See, I actually don’t want to shop but since Jac gave me this URL, I’ll just check and do some window shopping (and who knows…). Thanks ya…

  1. Haha! Good effort in trying to diversify from talking only about motherhood & babies :p
    Oh, and I missed getting that grey cardi 😦 when I asked, it was sold out d…

    1. joeyllhow

      I can talk more than just about babies, ok? 🙂 They have another cardigan which is quite nice too – the one you showed me that day. Don’t like it? I’ve been to your blog to check out your list of Shopping Dosage…tempting!

      1. Which one? Which one? I don’t remember la….
        Haha! I know… my twin says the same thing also :p she doesn’t want to read my blog anymore ‘cos she can’t resist clicking the shopping links there too 😀

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