Baby No Bumps

Ever since Ewan mastered the skill of flipping and moving his body forward, I have lost count on the number of times he hit and bump his head against the walls and floors. Sometimes he would bump his head against a hard surface, get a shock and continue with his play. On other occasions, he would cry a little and forget about the entire incident within seconds. And most of the time, I yelp the loudest as it aches my heart to see him play this rough.

Ewan is an ambitious little baby; he tries to stand up on his own while holding on to a support even before he can sit up unsupported. Worrying that the frequent head bumping may turn into something more serious and hurtful as he becomes more mobile, my search for a baby helmet begun. The conventional, hard plastic ones don’t come in infant size and seem uncomfortable to wear due to its weight and lack of ventilation. Then, I chanced upon this:

Doesn't he look funny yet adorable in this headgear?

A product pf Canada, the Baby No Bumps – Safety Helmet® is designed to protect baby from harsh bumps on the head while learning to crawl and walk. It is light, comfortable and washable.

The first time we put it on him, he was resistant but after a while, he forgot about it and gladly wore it while playing!

Songkok? Construction worker wannabe?

Now, it gives me a peace of mind that even if he falls, his head is cushioned. These days, whenever he stumbles, I would just say “It’s OK, baby no bumps!”

Note: The helmet could do better with a velcro strap instead of tie strings around the chin which comes off very easily.


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