Baby’s Guardian Angel

Do you believe that every baby is blessed with a guardian angel from the moment they were conceived to the time they were born and perhaps even more prominent during babyhood? I never did, but after several incidences, I do now.

I’m ashamed to admit that my carelessness has caused Ewan to fall from the bed twice so far. The first happened when he was asleep upstairs while we were doing our chores downstairs at night. Just three minutes before, I checked on him. A lesson wasn’t learned; he fell again from our daybed in his nursery (on my first day as SAHM!) while I was trying to fetch a diaper from the drawer just a few steps away. Yes, I took my son’s safety for granted – again.

It was probably my intense mother’s instinct but there were telepathy “warnings” prior to the incidences. Just two days before the first fall, I had the sudden urge to find cushioning solutions for the surroundings of our bed, just in case he rolls off. Obviously, I wasn’t efficient enough in answering my mind and suffered the consequences. Seconds before he dived head down during the second fall, I experienced a prickly calling which made me turn my head instantly, only to witness him plunging down.

As I still breastfeed Ewan throughout the night, he is usually moved to my left and right depending on which breast I’m feeding from. Of late, I have been having the intense fear of him rolling off the bedside if I accidentally fall asleep and forget to move him back to the area between us. In fact, we have already brainstormed ways to protect him from any injuries. Exhausted from baby-caring two nights ago, I fell really deep asleep during the night feed and forgot about Ewan sleeping on my right. Suddenly, I jumped up and saw Ewan awake, trying to crawl off the bed. One more movement and he would fall. Without a breath, I swept him up to a safer place, thanked whoever that woke me up to save him from a nasty fall and thought of my late mother-in-law.

Relating the experience to my mom, she said it was probably the calling of “chng bu” (“bed guardian” in Hokkien). To me, it was Ewan’s guardian angel. Even throughout my pregnancy, I almost fell twice but both falls were either saved by a nearby support or happened when my position was very close to the ground.

Deep down, my instinct told me Ewan’s guardian angel is his late grandmother who is constantly watching him from up above, making sure he’s safe and sound all the time.


5 thoughts on “Baby’s Guardian Angel

  1. mikichua

    i believe so… my son also fell frm such a high spot (baby cot) 1.5meter but he’s ok so i believe he is being guard by an angel too! Thank God…

  2. emily

    i nearly suffocated sophie while breastfeeding her on the bed 2 days after she came home… was too tired and fell asleep without repositioning her… it happens!! i guess it must be the guardian angel thing 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      Emily, your baby is Sophie too? 🙂 What did you mean by suffocating her? Do share so we all can be more cautious in the future too.

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