Becoming a SAHM Pt #4: Cost-Cutting Measures

Leaving my career to become a full-time mom to Ewan was one of the biggest and hardest decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life. Choosing this path meant more than giving up my job to run a home and care for my child without setting any expectations for promotion or recognition. It also meant making a number of financial sacrifices and taking on a simpler approach towards our lifestyle.

Babies are expensive; we figured that we either lose one salary or pay for someone else’s. Obviously, we chose the former and learned to compromise on unnecessary luxuries.

Among the things we had to consider before tendering my resignation included how many loans we are paying for, how much we need and how much we will need in future.

Aside from home and car loans as well as insurance, here’s how I chipped in in cost cutting:

#1 Wait for member’s day promotion to sign up for a value-for-money facial course that comes with products and freebies. Instead of going for facial once every 4 weeks, extend this to once every 5-6 weeks instead.
#2 Get a more affordable brand for day moisturizer and use a better brand for night care (Miki’s tip). This way, you’ll get to use it twice longer.
#3 To me, cooking for two isn’t very economical. Taking away food is. We take away two dishes from the economy rice stall for dinner.
#4 Dine out once a week only and choose a more affordable dining outlet.
#5 Conduct research and shop online for cheaper deals.
#6 Breastfeed – save on formula milk powder and cut down visits to doctor.
#7 Maybe sell off one car and make your hubby take a motorbike to work
#8 Need a blender to make baby food? Steal Loan it from mom.
#9 Sick? Go to 1Malaysia clinic…only RM1!
#10 Go for holiday once a year and choose a domestic destination.

If you’re planning to stay home too, this article on managing a single income family may be useful.

The key point for me to remember these days when I’m contemplating to make a purchase is to ask, “do I need it or want it?”. Wish me luck! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Becoming a SAHM Pt #4: Cost-Cutting Measures

  1. emily

    free vitamins? i dont think so.. only probably vitamin C. Try going to Klinik desa or just any govt clinic if not the 1 Msia clinic. But beware of long queues… either go real early or real late about 3-4pm.

  2. mikichua

    me too jdric japs all from government and even nappy creams. 😛 they are not bad. ya it’s a long queue but the trick is go as early as they open in the morning or after lunch. u’ll be the 1st 😀

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