Managing Teething Pain

One of the very few things I don’t particularly enjoy about babyhood is whenever the Tooth Fairy visits. Since 4 months old, Ewan’s growing-a-tooth experience hasn’t been easy and pleasant. Every time it happened, Hubby and I would have sleepless nights due to his crankiness.

Teething Signs

1. Extra grumpiness
2. Lots of biting, sucking and chewing his toys and my arm/fingers
3. Restlessness and difficulty in falling asleep; daytime naps are usually shorter
4. Loose, explosive stools (especially in the middle of night when both his parents are in dreamland)
5. Excessive drooling
6. Excessive scratching of scalp and rubbing of cheeks
7. Hyperactive and difficult to be calmed down
8. Rashes around his mouth
9. Very clingy to mommy

Remedies to Soothe Teething Discomforts

1. Cold teether
2. Teething biscuit or rusk
3. Hanky dipped in water and placed in fridge
4. Feed him with some cold water
5. Dentinox Teething Gel (Thanks Jen, for the life-saving recommendation) which is safe for infants; Bonjela isn’t!
6. Woods Gripe Water – the traditional, trusted for years remedy (just make sure it doesn’t contain alcohol)
7. Yu Yee Oil to soothe ‘wind’ in tummy
8. Wear socks on hands to protect scalp/face from scratches
9. Give a clean finger for him to chew
10. Lots of cuddles and hugs

FINALLY, after almost 3 months of suffering, Ewan’s first tooth is making its debut real soon! I can feel and see an adorable whitish tooth cutting through his lower gums (he wouldn’t let me snap a photo though which explains why this post is pictureless)!


2 thoughts on “Managing Teething Pain

  1. Joey, remember the very 1st time (if it happens la) Ewan bit you while BF-ing, give him a light smack on his mouth and tell him seriously not to bite mummy when BF.

    Throughout my BF-ing experience, Ben only bit me twice, 1 time cos he’s super duper hungry and he too tensed up and excitedly bit me (nevertheless, that was the 1st time I smacked his mouth lightly to teach him) and the 2nd time was an accident (yeap.. light smack again)

    Good to report, no further biting incidents throughout 19 months (and counting…) now.. πŸ™‚

    Oh, do remember to look up those free teeth chart and note down when Ewan’s teeth start growing, it’s really nice to note down all these milestones πŸ™‚

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