Sutera Harbour Resort: Holiday Highlights

FINALLY…after one dry year without holidays and vacations, we set off to Kota Kinabalu for our first family trip cum 3rd wedding anniversary getaway. It was also Ewan’s first flying experience.

Ever since our great vacation at Pangkor Laut Resort last year, we’ve come to appreciate nice beach resorts. This year, we chose Sutera Harbour Resort because #1 it’s neither too near nor too far by plane (2.5 hours); #2 the journey isn’t too taxing for an infant (PJ -> KLIA -> Kota Kinabalu -> SHR in 5 hours); and #3 we can just kick back our shoes, relax and hibernate in the resort without having to step out at all.

Here are some of our vacation’s highlights:

Ewan actually slept during the flight there! This was rare, considering he doesn’t sleep during our trips back to Melaka every month.

He was so fascinated with the in-flight bassinet and kept smiling while inside it.

Love knows no borders. Hubby kindly dismantled, packed and flew Ewan’s auto sarong cradle all the way to Kota Kinabalu! We packed every single joining metal and screw EXCEPT *drum roll* the sarong cloth! As a replacement, we bought a kain batik at a hefty price of RM45 at the airport’s souvenir shop. Thankfully, Ewan made good use of it throughout our stay there.

Ewan had his first swim and loved it!

After our swim, we went back to our room to find a faulty door lock. We were stranded outside for 30 minutes with a wet baby. Luckily, it was a hot day.

We ordered McD’s for lunch and had it delivered to our room because we were too lazy to go to the city. Plus, SHR’s in-room dining is super expensive (RM14 for a glass of Coke!)

We introduced Ewan to sand and grass.

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with a private “candlelit” North Indian dinner at our room’s balcony amidst sea breeze. Initially, we wanted to dine at the restaurant but decided to take away when Ewan started fussing before the food arrived. The dishes were so delicious but my portion ended up in toilet bowl two hours later due to indigestion. No, I’m NOT pregnant 🙂

Our flight back to KL was delayed by 30 minutes. By the time we reached home, Ewan was tired and fussing.

Overall, we enjoyed our first family getaway!


12 thoughts on “Sutera Harbour Resort: Holiday Highlights

  1. minishorts

    When I saw your previous video i thought, is that the spring cot I see… HOLY hahahah YOU ACTUALLY BROUGHT THE WHOLE YEW LAM to Sabah??? hahahahha that’s just amazing.

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting, minishorts. Hehehe, yes we were crazy enough to bring it over. Otherwise he would refuse to nap and we won’t be able to enjoy the vacation to the fullest. It wasn’t that difficult actually; the box is rather compact 🙂

      1. minishorts

        I think you better start training him to sleep without the sarung lah! imagine every holiday you have to bring it along!! *Shivers*

      2. joeyllhow

        I would really like to but don’t know where/how to begin. He doesn’t like to be rocked to sleep. At night, I usually give him a feed and he’ll fall asleep after tossing and whining for a while. This doesn’t work the same in the daytime though. Any tips?

  2. Agree! Must have been a great trip for you. Seems like more mummies and daddies travelling with very young kids. That’s really a relief to hear for me, ‘cos I definitely still wanna travel at least once a year when my baby is born! =)

    1. joeyllhow

      Hello, welcome and thank you for dropping by my blog! Really appreciate it.

      If there’s a will, there’s a way! Many said travelling with an infant is troublesome but if you have things planned out and choose the destination properly, it’s possible 🙂

      Wishing you a safe and smooth delivery. Welcome to motherhood in advance

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