Ewan is 7 Months Old!

Our little energizer tiger is 7 months old today!

At 7 months, Ewan:

~ can crawl
~ can pull himself to standing position while holding on to something or someone (and doesn’t know how to get down after that)

As usual, he likes playing with things that are not his toys

~ can feed himself with finger food

~ protests by whining when a toy is taken away from him
~ still mouths everything that comes in contact with him
~ is still learning how to sit unsupported (which puzzles me because really, can a baby skip this milestone and move straight to crawling/standing?)
~ smiles and babbles a lot
~ naps shorter duration and can sleep through 5 hours at night without a feed (yayy!)
~ becomes impossible whenever we need to change him; it usually takes me and his daddy to “pin” him down. We call this the “dera anak” session 🙂
~ loves, loves, loves bathing time
~ had his first swimming experience
~ flew in a plane (and behaved!)
~ is still battling with eczema *boo hoo* 😦

Gosh, it’s ALREADY October! Two more months before 2010 ends and 5 more months before Ewan turns one. Oh dear….I’m getting really OLD :S


9 thoughts on “Ewan is 7 Months Old!

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks Jenny! He just keeps wanting to move and move, that’s why it’s a battle to change him. I shall try doing it on the floor 🙂

  1. mikichua

    don’t worry, mine skip the crawling (body on floor) part and start with 4 leg crawling. hahaha….

    for the diaper change, i try to tell him to wait wait mama is changing… then distract him with toys. now he understands it whenever i’m changing him. he will lie still.

    1. joeyllhow

      Miki, if only he listens. I coaxed until my throat became dry and still he wanted to roll around. I tried distracting him with a toy but he prefers to munch his toy on his belly. Hopefully he’ll be cooperative as he gets older.

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