My Latest Obsession #1: Bud’s Ice Cream

What’s a must-have in my freezer lately?

Make way Haagen Daaz, meet my new BFF Bud’s Super Premium Ice Cream: Green Tea!

Look closer and don’t wet your keyboard 🙂

How it’s different from other green tea ice-cream is, it’s really creamy and smooth. Its green tea flavour smells irresistibly fragrant too! Although Hubby doesn’t have a sweet-tooth like me, he’s equally smitten.

As always, whoever invented ice-cream and chocolates are pure geniuses!

And that’s how I am piggin’ out at home everyday… 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession #1: Bud’s Ice Cream

  1. joeyllhow

    I don’t generally like King’s because their ice-cream are usually too sweet to my tastebud. I’ll give its green tea a try though…oh, if you do stop by Sunway Pyramid one of these days, don’t miss Yokomon Green Tea ice-cream at Asian Avenue…they’re yummy!!

  2. Louise

    Ohhh I crave for green tea so much but I can’t have it!!! 😦
    You can find another must-try green tea ice cream at the Curve, the tea shop next to Watson’s 🙂 gulp…

    1. joeyllhow

      Why can’t you take green tea, Louise? It’s caffeine-free and high in antioxidants. I had it during my pregnancy.

      I shall check out the green tea ice cream at The Curve 🙂

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