Sutera Harbour Resort: Hotel Review

Going for a holiday with a baby requires lots of travel. That’s why choosing a good accommodation is important. We stayed at Sutera Harbour Resort (SHR) for two nights from 13 to 15 October 2010. Here are my thoughts about the Resort:

~ SHR is located approximately 10 minutes from Kota Kinabalu International Airport via airport taxi, chargeable at RM30 per way.
~ The city centre, where small shopping complexes and restaurants are situated, is reachable in 10 minutes by taxi (RM12) or complimentary hotel shuttle.

Mount Kinabalu from afar

~ Upon arrival, we were greeted by a service staff who ushered us to the lounge for welcome drinks. Check-in took around 10 minutes only.
~ We waited 20 minutes for our luggages to arrive at our room. This didn’t help as Ewan was feeling tired already and we wanted to change/get him ready for a nap quickly. If we knew it was going to take this long, we would have taken the luggages ourselves.

Room at Magellan Sutera - Marina Wing
Not-so-discreet bathroom

~ Overall size is comfortable with comprehensive bathroom amenities. However, its appearance is a little dated and can do good with a makeover. Probably because the Resort has been around for quite some time, the tiles and bathtub in the bathroom look slightly dirty and yellowish.
~ TV channels are fuzzy and unclear. The selection of channels is limited causing us to miss Amazing Race Asia on AXN.
~ All cabinet doors make creaky sound. This is inconvenient especially when Ewan was sleeping and we were trying to be as quiet as possible.
~ After a swim, we came back to our room to find that the keycards are not working. Apparently, the door lock battery was flat. We were locked out of our room for 30 minutes with a wet infant. Luckily, it was a hot day.

Locked out of our room for 30 minutes

~ Buffet breakfast spread at Five Sails was really huge and commendable, with varieties ranging from cereals, sausages, pancakes, omelette, pastries, fresh fruits and juices to nasi lemak, roti canai, lo mai kai, dim sum, congee and more. I especially enjoyed the marble cake and croissant.
~ Buffet dinner at Five Sails is priced at RM100 per person. Are they mad or what? Even the enormous Ramadan buffet spread at my ex-company doesn’t cost THAT much.
~ Food prices for in-room dining is exorbitant: Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon RM44, Fish and Chip RM46, Chicken Rice RM38, Teh Tarik RM15, 100 Plus RM14 and that’s EXCLUDING 5% government tax and 10% service tax. Cut-throat or not?

~ Overall, they are very friendly and helpful. The ‘tak apa’ attitude that we usually see amioong Malaysian hotel service staff is almost non-existent here.

~ We love the landscaped, huge swimming pool.
~ There is also a playroom for children with activities like beading and batik painting conducted from time to time.
~ Thumbs up for the punctual and complimentary shuttle to/fro city.
~ We brought a kite with us but couldn’t play it because the so-called beach is very short and small.

What you see is what you get - this is SHR's mini beach

In a nutshell, we enjoyed the holiday very much. Regardless of certain unpleasant experiences encountered, what mattered most was the quality of time spent together as a family, rather than the location or service level. If you’re looking for somewhere to relax and do nothing, this is the place to go.

Now, it makes me wonder, how come no hotel or resort has gone the extra mile to provide sarong cradle and steam steriliser for families with babies? That would save so much of my luggage space!


4 thoughts on “Sutera Harbour Resort: Hotel Review

  1. haha! i know that beach…
    We were planning a friend’s romantic proposal at the beach and when we got there… we were like “This is a beach?!!” :p

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