Babyproofing: Cushioning Solution

From my previous post on finding a solution to babyproofing our bedroom in case Ewan rolls off the bed in the middle of night, we finally put words into action and bought several of these big pillows:

Jusco Selection pillow @ RM21.90 each

It was actually my mom’s idea! They are cheap, puffy and provides good cushioning. We lined three of these beside the bed and voila, one of our worries is put to rest (although it is still better to pay extra precautions when Ewan is on the bed).

Have a great and safe weekend!


2 thoughts on “Babyproofing: Cushioning Solution

  1. On Saturday morning, N nearly crawled off the bed too. I nearly got a heart attack. It was a good thing I am a super light sleeper, else he would have really went head down chasing the CD on the edge of the bed.

    Now he sleeps on the cot throughout the night. I let him on our bed when he was sick previously, and he just refused his once ever since. But after the Saturday incident, no more!

    Read Asian Parenting, pg 253 onwards. I’m practicing the Pay No Attention 🙂

    What happened to E’s big nice cot?

    1. joeyllhow

      E is used to co-sleeping with us, so we’ll let him be until he’s ready to move on to his own bed. Meantime, we’ll just practise lots of precautions 🙂

      We use our big cot to change him or put him inside when I need to go to the bathroom for a while. We’ve tried training him to sleep alone on the cot but more often than not, all of us ended up on the same bed again the next morning 🙂

      Many resources/books say to just ignore if they cry or fuss but I can never do it. It breaks my heart to hear him cry out for me :S

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