Priceless Moment

Ewan: Mommy, your armpit smells but I still love you~

Being a SAHM proved its first “worthiness” when Ewan recently displayed his attachment to me in the middle of the night. Co-sleeping with us since 2 months old, he would usually roll towards either his Daddy or me for comfort and warmth at night.

One fine night, he woke up, searched in the dark and got hold of me. Then, he climbed on me and continued sleeping – in a foetal position where his upper half body was on my stomach and the bottom half kneeling on the bed. He slept this way for the next 10 minutes while I stroked his head, watched him snooze and indulged in the moment.

Isn’t motherhood simply awesome?


5 thoughts on “Priceless Moment

  1. mikichua

    Jboy also did this b4. his whole body on mine and his hands around my chest. i’m so “lum” .. i agree motherhood is simply awesome

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