First Outing with Baby: Just The Two Of Us

It’s my 2nd month as a SAHM and so far, Ewan and I have yet to stepped out of the house for somewhere out of the residential area without Daddy. Going a little crazy cooping up at home all day long, I’ve finally gathered the courage to venture out with him a few days ago. Our destination and mission? Sunway Pyramid for Daddy’s birthday present!

Here’s the rundown of our outing and some tips on going out with a child on your own:

10.15am Ewan woke up from first nap of the day. Changed him, put stroller in the car, took his pre-packed lunch and toys.

11.00am Secured Ewan in carseat and began our journey. Had nursery rhymes playing in the car. Ewan was calm and cheerful throughout the 15-minute journey there. Kept him occupied with lots toys and song singing.

11.15am Reached Sunway Pyramid, parked at the nearest entrance and our shopping began. Our first stop was Cotton On Kids for Ewan’s pyjamas, Shojikiya for baby snacks, Leather Avenue for Daddy’s birthday present, Daiso for fun, Guardian for nail polish remover and finally, Brands Outlet for my pyjamas.

12.20pm Lunch with Lydia, Jennifer and Virgillia.

1.10pm Breastfeed at Baby Room before our journey home.

1.20pm Stopped at Coffee Bean to get apple crumble as Hubby’s birthday cake and scones for teatime.

1.40pm Left Sunway Pyramid. Gave Ewan a teething rusk to keep him busy. Ewan fussed and cried after 5 minutes. Made a mental note to limit outing duration to maximum 3 hours only. Stayed calm and continued singing, talking and making funny faces.

1.55pm Reached home safely.

2.15pm After a quick change and wipe down, Ewan knocked out and slept 🙂

Overall, our first outing together was fun! Ewan shrieked with delight as I wheeled him from shops to shops.



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