Long or short?

It’s decision time again! Since my ex-company imposed the compulsory bun-it-up rule for long-haired employees, I have been wearing a medium-length hair for more than two years now. My rationale at that time was, I’d rather sleep than wake up early in the morning to croissant my hair, or whatever you call it. No more rules like that for me, unless my little boss complains.

Keep it long?


Cut it short?

I’ll be visiting my favourite hairstylist next week. The Hunny said leave it long.

What say you?


18 thoughts on “Long or short?

    1. joeyllhow

      Louise, my hairstylist is based in Malacca though. You should keep your hair long for confinement coz you’ll feel really hot and tying it up is the best way to keep your sanity. Don’t forget to get some dry shampoo too.

  1. Nancy

    Joey, I always identify you with short hair coz you always have short-medium hair. Try keeping it long for a change. I’m liking what I see in the picture with your long hair. You look sweet and girly πŸ™‚

  2. I’ll go for short hair. Reason being:

    #1 – It’s hot weather most of the time, unless you’re staying at a higher ground place or your house is fully air-conditioned 24/7 then by all means, long hair!

    #2 – Mess – unless you have the time to just rest and keep yourself tidy after playing, feeding, bathing, changing diaper, caring etc etc for your boy, then by all means, long hair!

    #3 – Money saving – less shampoo to use, less water to use (to wash hair), less hair accessories to use

    #4 – Safety & hygiene – unless your hair is strong (mine falls whenever it grows longer than shoulder), then long hair lor…

    #5 – You look nicer with short hair. Serious πŸ™‚

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