Review: Baby Wet Wipes

Important: This post is written with no intention to damage/tarnish the reputation of any said brands. I did not receive any free products or remuneration from any party for this review. The remarks are solely based on my observation and preference, and may differ from yours.

Wet wipes is one of our baby must-have essentials – whether when we’re at home or on the go. Over the months, we have tried and tested many brands of wet wipes, including Tollyjoy, Pureen, Jusco Selection and Kiko, with the first three being a regular in our nursery.

Here’s my review:

Considering the above product features, my favourite/recommended wet wipes is Tollyjoy Baby Wet Wipes.

Why Tollyjoy?
#1 The size of wipes is 2.5cm larger than other brands, giving more coverage and less wastage. That means, I only use 2-3 wipes to clean a poopy bum compared to 4-5 wipes for other brands. As such, it is more economical and less polluting.

#2 Its pH 5.5 is gentle and safe for baby’s delicate skin. Most importantly, it’s fragrance-free and unscented. Fragrance = chemicals!

#3 As the wet wipes are not excessively damp like Pureen’s, it does not stick to each other and is easy to remove and separate, especially when cleaning up messy poop with one hand holding down baby’s active legs and another hand doing the dirty job.

#4 Again, as the moisture of wipes is just right, baby’s bum dries quickly after use. With Pureen and Jusco Selection, I have to use a soft tissue to wipe away the moisture on skin before putting on diaper to prevent bacteria build-up.

#5 It is tested to conform with European Pharmacopoeia and contains antimicrobial effectiveness. For double cleansing, I usually spray some Organic Heiny Spray on baby’s diaper area and gently wipe it off.

Admittedly, unless you’re ready to fork out some extra money to purchase green wipes, wet wipes of most brands are generally non-biodegradable. As such, we are gradually switching to the more environment-friendly option using cloth wipes/hankies instead. Perhaps it’s time for you to consider this as well?

Nonetheless, hope the review helps!


17 thoughts on “Review: Baby Wet Wipes

  1. we’re using pureen alcohol and fragrance free – orange packing since natey’s birth. RM10.50 for 2, warehouse sells it RM9 and Jusco Jcard RM8.90!

    we tried anakku and bebe too. but still pureen’s the best. i like the opening with the plastic flap. easy to open and stays open if i need an extra piece.

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks for the info, Jac! I know Pureen has fragrance and alcohol free version but never got a chance to try yet. The blue one is way too fragrant plus too damp for me. Tollyjoy wet wipes also come in plastic flap; I know what you mean with stick-on flaps especially during explosive ’emergencies’ :))

  2. vamp

    Hi, i chanced upon your blog when researching on cloth diapers. Just wanna tell you, I love your reviews! And I’m so bookmarking it so I could get some mummy tips from you!

    *6mths-preggie-mtb fr Sg* =D

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi hi! Thanks for dropping me a comment. Glad my reviews are helpful. Three plus more months before your lil one comes! How exciting :)) Enjoy your pregnancy and record every kick in your mind because before you know it, he/she is out kicking real hard!

  3. mikichua

    can try johnson, they hv fragrance free… and also can wipe the face. i think it’s the blue pack..i didn’t try it tho coz my hamper is still full of bb wipes haven’t finish yet~~

  4. Serene

    I would like to check if I can link my site to your review? As I have recently brought in the organic heiny spray and will be selling them on motherhood forum. i stumble upon your blog when I was searching for to check if anyone know or use heiny spray. I like your review about wet wipes and mostly you are a fan of heiny spray like me.

    Do let me know if its ok for you. Thanks serene

  5. Aljule

    Hi, I recently moved to kl from sg and can’t seem to find tollyjoy wet wipes easily here! Do you know where I can find them? Been to some pharmacist and supermarkets and can’t seem to find it. Going to head to mid valley, any shops there has it? Same thing for pureen HAD laundry detergent, can’t find it! Thanks

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Aljule, welcome to my blog and Malaysia πŸ™‚ I usually buy my Tollyjoy and Pureen HAD in Jusco. I believe the ones in Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley and One Utama carry these products. Otherwise, you may also try Babyland in SS2…I’ve seen them selling before. Give them a call before going though, in case they have stopped supplying these. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi Joey, chanced upon your review of Tollyjoy when i was doing a search on eco-friendly baby wipes. As I’m pregnant now, and because I’m not retailing any eco-friendly baby wipes on my online store, so I have to buy elsewhere too, but the eco-friendly wipes in Singapore are really way too expensive, and I’ve used Tollyjoy for my doggy too, so just wanted to be sure of what other mummies say about their experience on using Tollyjoy on babies skin. Thanks for the review! Btw, where do you get your supply of Organic Heiny Spray from? Do you know if its available in Singapore? Oh, and if you’re still looking for cloth diapers, I carry a Singapore made brand Raf Raf diapers which uses natural charcoal bamboo liners instead of organic cotton or hemp, which makes it more absorbent. Let me know if you’re keen to shop on my store, and I can send you a discount code! πŸ™‚

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Joey πŸ™‚

      Thanks for dropping me a comment! Love your site, organic stuff are always a pull factor to me ;p I shall check it out more later.

      I got my Organic Heiny Spray in US via my brother-in-law who travels there often. It’s a good spray, especially if we want to reduce the usage of wet wipes. Just spray and wipe with a cloth.

      Yes I’m still cloth diapering my boy. Planning to do the same for baby #2 as well. Raf Raf is new to me. I’ll definitely have a look at it. Will let you know if I need the discount code. Thanks in advance again!

  7. Hi Joey Lam,

    I actually brought in a supply of heiny spray after reading about it from Joey’s review. They do not sell in Singapore thats why i had a hard time getting the supplier to supply me. Prices are high so profit can be thin but i really love it so im only selling through word of mouth at the moment because I couldnt find the time to place it online to sell. Had wanted to link it to joey’s site thats why i asked for her permission last Dec. Let me know if you like to try.. Its really good and very convenient especially on the go…


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