Starting Solids Pt #3: The Journey So Far

One of Ewan’s favourite sessions of the day is mealtimes. Every time he sees me holding his bowl and preparing food, he would wave excitedly and follow me up and down the kitchen. Although it has been two months since he started solids, I haven’t been able to be really adventurous in introducing various types of food due to his eczema. Each food had to be introduced bit by bit for a longer period of time to monitor for any signs of allergy.

Grains n’ Such – all OK
White rice
Brown rice

Sweet Potato – love it but a no-no for his eczema 😦
Carrot – not a big fan but will still take
Spinach – what goes in always comes out exactly the same; jumps start his digestive system!
Peas – love it!
Brocolli – I don’t like the concoction but somehow he took it happily too

Avocado – not OK; gave him gas and rashes
Pumpkin – another of his favourite (and mine too!)
Apple – love it!
Banana – not OK; allergic and triggered his eczema
Blueberry – OK
Prune – not a big fan too
Pear – a big fan! Pear goes well with almost any vegetables

We especially fancy the baby spinach and pear combination. What other delicious combos do you recommend?

At 7+ months old, Ewan takes 2 meals of around 1.5oz per day with milk feeds every three hours. Moving forward, I hope to gradually introduce breakfast as well as meat/fish to him.

Oh, after months of looking, we’ve finally settled down with Philips Mini Blender, thanks to the recommendation from a motherly aunty mending the electrical appliances counter at Parkson 1 Utama. It’s really great for making baby food, easy to clean and creates smooth puree in minutes. Plus, for a small family like ours, it’s perfect for making ice blended drinks. I’m liking my new toy!


3 thoughts on “Starting Solids Pt #3: The Journey So Far

  1. I’m making Pears and Sweet Potatoes as we speak! I hope N will like it. Did you try this?

    I got some organic red spinach and have no idea how to prep it. Did you mixed it with sweet potatoes? Puree after steam?

    Good job Mama Joey! E is definitely reaping the joy through his tumtum from his fulltime employee. Now doesn’t this bring new meaning to SAHM 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      I have stopped giving him sweet potato since he developed reactions to it but shall try this combo in the future.

      For spinach, I steam and purée. It’s better to mix with a sweet fruit to mask the green smell. Ya, I’m enjoying making meals for E. Who would have thought pureeing, mixing & matching food could be so fun? 🙂

  2. Shaniz

    Yeah, I love pureeing food for Allyson as well, although I haven’t really had the time to mix and match all the variety that you are doing. I usually puree a big batch and freeze them into cubes for future feeding. I should try out more recipes. I swear by my Philips Hand Blender that has functions for blending, pureeing and also chopping.

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