Yayyy, Price Increase in Clothes!

Hunny a.k.a. Hubby alerted me yesterday that prices for clothes will increase by this Christmas due to the hike in cotton costs.

Guess what was my initial reaction upon hearing this? “Oh no!”? Or “Why is everything going up except salaries (as if I’m getting one!)?”? Wrong and wrong 🙂 The first thing that came into my mind was, “Yayyy! Time to go shopping and stock up on clothes. Chinese New Year is just around the corner anyways.”

You see, in times like this when everything comes with a higher price tag, we need to stay positive and look at the big picture 😀 In fact, I’ve already have 1 brand new dress meant for CNY hanging in my closet, which I’m resisting to wear before the occasion arrives. Now, all the more reasons to shop! Hunny must has regretted alerting me on this ;p

Shopping anyone? 😉


4 thoughts on “Yayyy, Price Increase in Clothes!

  1. Me! Me! I never say no to shopping 😀 But I already have quite a few new items in my wardrobe that are still brand new… and some not even washed yet! Haha!

    But.. Really?!! Christmas as in 25th Dec or end Nov when the Year End Sales start?

  2. mikichua

    i hv 18pcs of them already hanging.. and i cannot tahan wearing it 1 by 1.. dunno CNY time will be NEW YEAR baju or not.. hahahhaha…

    1. joeyllhow

      18?! Wow how did you accumulate so many new clothes? And here I was feeling guilty for owning a new dress :)) Do you shop online too? With Ewan, I shop online more coz no chance to go out for too long.

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