Ewan Turns 8 Months!

Another month has swished by and our darling boy a.k.a. “Maharaja” is 8 months old now.

At 8 months old, Ewan:

~ stands supported and cruises along furniture and couch steadily. He has also finally mastered the skills of getting down from a standing position safely.
~ sits unsupported, finally
~ adores playing with toddlers and children.
~ still wakes at 7am sharp almost everyday. Poor Mommy and Daddy!
~ becomes really good at imitating us. I used to make the ‘grrr’ sound when playing with him. One day, he suddenly did the same to me. It was hilarious!
~ is still as hyperactive as ever. Mom calls him a dragon!
~ boggles his head up and down whenever he hears music or us singing. Seriously, I have no idea where he learned that.
~ loves playing and chasing after his favourite ball.
~ refuses his morning feed. He now takes 2 meals per day.
~ understands “no” and “ah-haa”.


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